Shrink Wrapping Retail Products

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Shrink wrapping is one of the best types of secondary packaging that provides many benefits to a wide variety of products. Shrink wrapping protects items with a tight seal while still providing clear visibility for brand awareness and marketing messages. Shrink wrapping provides an upscale, polished look to many products and is a cost-effective way […]

POP Displays

Types of POP Displays and Packaging Solutions

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Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are used in various types of businesses and stores to feature particular products with specialized marketing display material. POP displays are used to focus consumer attention on specific brands or products. These types of displays are often seen near checkouts or featured prominently in the center of aisles or in areas of […]

Contract Kitting Services

Optimizing Your Assembly Through Kitting

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Kitting supports assembly and production processes in the warehouse or on the manufacturing line. Kitting is an excellent logistics strategy that involves grouping together individual parts or components with individual SKUs into one package or kit with one SKU. The kit includes all items needed at a particular assembly or manufacturing station where operators have […]

Automotive Parts Kitting

Kitting in Automotive Manufacturing

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Kitting is the process of combining related items together, taking multiple SKUs, and creating one SKU in one kit. Kitting products is common practice in many retail market segments but kitting also provides many benefits in a manufacturing environment. Kitting tools together for easier usage in the manufacturing process supports lean production processes with everything […]

Benefits of Using Contract Packagers

The Many Benefits Contract Packagers Offer Manufacturers

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Packaging is an important part of the manufacturing process yet oftentimes packaging operations managers are focused on deadlines and costs rather than implementing strategies to retain and attract customers. Consumers play one of the most important roles in the packaging process, and businesses that pay attention to consumer demands and interests will reap the benefits. […]

Outsourcing for Lean Manufacturing

Hand Assembly & Kitting Outsourcing in Lean Manufacturing

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Companies practicing lean manufacturing experience many benefits with improved process efficiencies, inventory management, lead times, and profitability. Assembly and kitting are practices that contribute to lean production operations when designed and implemented properly. Hand assembly and kitting can be labor-intensive and monotonous for manufacturers. Outsourcing assembly and kitting can improve your own lean operations, and […]

Benefits of Kitting & Assembly

Kitting & Assembly: Learn the Difference and the Benefits

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Kitting and assembly are two terms that are often used interchangeably, although they actually refer to different processes. Kitting and assembly are used to improve efficiency in manufacturing or to package pre assembled products for consumer convenience. What Is the Difference between Kitting and Assembly? When determining the best production or fulfillment solution for your […]

Material Kitting

How Material Kitting Enhances Manufacturing

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Manufacturers often kit final products to bundle items together for sale to consumers but kitting also plays a beneficial role in the manufacturing process. What Is Material Kitting in Manufacturing? Manufacturers are focused on the most cost-efficient production to produce quality products, with a focus on continual improvement, reducing waste, and streamlining processes. Kitting materials […]

mproving Assembly Efficiency by Kitting parts

Improving Assembly Efficiency with Kitting

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Efficiency is a key driver of profitability, especially in manufacturing operations where time is money. Kitting is proven to improve efficiency, thus increasing profitability, in many manufacturing applications. Having the parts required delivered to a certain production station at the time they are needed saves operators from hunting for parts that they need and supports […]

Advantages of Kitting

Advantages of Kitting Realized in All Market Segments

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Kitting is a process that provides solutions to a wide range of industries and sectors that rely on kits to streamline their manufacturing and fulfillment processes. Companies in many industries use kitting to improve internal operations or to satisfy customer demands. Advantages of Kitting Realized in Endless Industries Kitting can be found in such a […]