Understanding Heat Seal Packaging Infographic

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Heat sealing, often preferred for its ability to create strong seals, involves a process where the actual bond forms as the package material cools and solidifies. Despite its name suggesting heat as the primary element, continuous pressure during the cooling phase is crucial to achieve a stable and attractive seal. This method of packaging is […]

Cardboard Packaging

Cost-Effective Cardboard Packaging Advantages

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Cardboard is becoming the go-to material for companies looking for eco-friendly, adaptable, and affordable packaging solutions in the dynamic packaging industry. The usage of cardboard packaging has many advantages that can greatly boost a product’s chances of success. Peoria Production Solutions (PPS), with over 80 years of experience in providing comprehensive production solutions, including an […]

Pharmaceutical vs. Nutraceutical Packaging

Packaging Nutraceutical vs. Pharmaceutical Packaging: Navigating the Differences

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The packaging of pharmaceuticals and packaging nutraceuticals plays a crucial role in the safety, efficacy, and stability of these products. While both industries aim to improve health outcomes, their packaging requirements reflect distinct regulatory, market, and consumer demands. Peoria Production Solutions (PPS), with over 80 years of experience in packaging and secondary production solutions, is […]

Pet Food Nutraceutical Packaging

Pet Food Nutraceutical Packaging: Trends and Challenges

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Increased focus on pet food nutraceutical packaging This evolution has led to an increased focus on pet food nutraceutical packaging, a segment that encompasses both the trends shaping its future and the challenges it must overcome. Companies like Peoria Production Solutions (PPS) are at the forefront, providing innovative packaging solutions tailored to the unique demands […]

Secondary Food Packaging Provider

Complete Guide to Secondary Food Packaging

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When it comes to food packaging, there’s more than meets the eye. Secondary food packaging, the first thing your customers see when picking up your products from retail shelves, plays a pivotal role in not only protecting your food and drink items during transit but also in conveying vital information about your brand. Elevate Your […]

Subcontract Repackaging

Subcontract Repackaging: Enhancing Business Operations with Contract Packaging

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There often comes a time when businesses need repackaging services for a variety of reasons in the constantly evolving landscape of product packaging. Whether it’s a change in labeling, alterations in packaged components, or dealing with non-conforming products, the need to rework packaging can be a critical aspect of ensuring that your products reach the […]

heat seal and cold seal packaging

Heat Seal vs. Cold Seal Packaging: Which Is Right for Your Products?

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Two distinct methods for sealing products have gained prominence in flexible packaging applications – heat seal and cold seal packaging. These methods come with their own unique characteristics and applications, making it crucial for businesses to make an informed choice when creating packaging solutions for their products. The Significance of the Right Seal While it […]

Consumer Lab Kit assembly

Direct-To-Consumer Lab Kit Assembly

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In an age of rapidly advancing technology and consumer empowerment, it’s no surprise that healthcare is evolving too. Gone are the days of lengthy wait times, inconvenient appointments, and limited access to health information. Many healthcare facilities are turning to Direct-to- Customer lab kits to enhance their ability to serve more patients. Direct-To-Consumer Lab Kits: […]

Secondary Packaging Suppliers

How PPS’s Secondary Packaging is Better Than Others

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In secondary packaging, where quality, cost-effectiveness, and transparency are paramount, Peoria Production Solutions (PPS) emerges as a beacon of excellence. Unveiling the Many Advantages of PPS for Secondary Packaging Our commitment to providing high-quality secondary packaging services at lower costs and full transparency in our bids and pricing sets us apart from the competition. But […]