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Assembly Services for the Agricultural Industry

Assembly Services for the Agricultural IndustryPeoria Production Shop has been delivering assembly services for the agricultural industry for more than 80 years, as well as many other industries and applications.  Our highly trained staff, equipment, and facilities allow us to assemble products with quick turn-around time and high-quality end-products. As an ISO9001:2015 certified company, we follow strict quality policies with quality control checks based on customer specifications and our internal quality policy. Our staff is capable of a variety of assembly types such as single and multi-step assemblies, final assembly, packaging after assembly processes and more.

PPS Provides Assembly Services for the Agricultural Industry

Currently, PPS partners with Precision Planting, a leading provider of agricultural technologies, to provide efficient agricultural assembly services. Just like PPS, Precision Planting was founded in Central Illinois! The company provides agricultural technologies to help farmers with practical and effective ag solutions. They optimize existing farmer’s equipment to maximize performance.

Through extensive research and testing, Precision Planting found that existing fingers allowed some flat seeds to escape or get caught on the outer wall. The Precision Planting team switched out various components for new springs, spring attachments, finger covers, finger contours, and chrome coatings for better performance. The improved technologies are built to be consistent with more benefits for the farmer.

PPS assembles variations of Precision Plant’s standard Fingersets for seeding. Per the work instructions, employees will assemble the product using fingers, finger set springs, a cam, and ashtray/finger holder. Once the product is assembled, we use Precision Planting packaging materials to package the finger sets.

Peoria Production Shop partners with Precision Planting to help bring confidence to the agricultural industry.  Our assembly services for the agricultural industry are valuable to farmers during the growing season, especially in the local Midwest. We are able to provide competitive quotes for your contract assembly needs.  Interested in partnering with us? Visit our website to learn more.

Quality Operating Procedure

Quality Operating ProcedureWhat is a Quality Operating Procedure? (QOP)

A quality operating procedure (QOP) is a written document composed of step-by-step instructions used to complete a routine operational task. These procedures help to achieve efficiency, performance, and quality control.

Quality Operating Procedures are important to ensure that production operations are performed consistently to maintain the quality of products and processes.

The purpose of operational procedures is to define systems, assign responsibilities and authorities, and provide instructions for carrying out activities comprising the quality system. Operational procedures explain the what, when, who and how for each activity; identify interfaces for the activity; and instruct who should be informed and how the results of the activity should be recorded.

PPS uses specific coding for our operational procedures such as QOP-SS-NN. QOP stands for Quality Operational Procedure, SS is the section in the quality manual to which the procedure pertains, and NN is the consecutive number of a procedure for the section.

Importance of Quality Operating Procedures

1. Increases Business Productivity

QOPs can be beneficial for companies that produce the same product over a long period of time. PPS has been working with a Fortune 100 manufacturer for over 80 years. The procedures help to increase business productivity.

2.Processes Remain Consistent as the Company Expands

PPS is expanding so QOPs can make the work processes portable. Our new employees at the new location can uphold our reputation by using the same QOPs to replicate the products and services provided at the original location.

3.Reduces Errors

Standardized procedures help guide our employees and reduce the possibility of missed steps that impact the quality of the completed product. A QOP ensures that our customers’ products are created in the same way from start to finish every time, creating consistency with high-quality products.

4. Keeps Processes within the Company

Writing down procedures helps to keep key information with the company. This is beneficial when new employees take over a process and for cross-training of employees. It is important for the company to have a physical copy of all work instructions and procedures with documented alterations and continual improvements noted.

5. Better Time Management

QOPs are a valuable component for a new hire, ultimately reducing training time. As PPS expands, we will be hiring more employees. With specific work instructions, the quality operating procedure details the checks for quality personnel.

As an ISO registered company, we use Quality Operating Procedures to remain consistent when following strict quality guidelines. PPS promises to maintain the quality of our customers’ products. Visit our website to join our quality team.


In-Process Inspection Report


ISO certified companyPeoria Production Shop follows strict quality standards with processes in place to ensure an understanding of the process for high-quality results. As an ISO certified company, you can have confidence in our commitment to meeting your specifications.  We use in-process inspection reports (IPIR) to identify problems as they arise and immediately take corrective action. Our highly trained staff use these reports to streamline the inspection process and ensure work orders are completed accurately.

Prior to the inspection process, the supervisor is responsible for processing the work order and preparing the work station for the operator. During this step, the supervisor will fill out the specific information for the job on the IPIR such as the sales order, part number, quantity of order, package quantity per carton (bag or container), and specific work instructions to be used. The IPIR sheet stays with the product at all times.

After the workstation has been properly set up, the supervisor will inform the quality inspector of the job or new operator. This step can happen at any time of the work day as work orders are completed or operators are shifted around the facility.

The Inspection Process 

  1. Take IPIR Report and random sample of product from operator’s work area
  2. Check a minimum of 5-10 pieces (according to work instruction quality guidelines)
  3. Document findings on IPIR sheet
  4. Communicate those findings with operator
  5. If product is non-conforming, the quality inspector talks to the supervisor. A supervisor must sign off on the IPIR sheet before work can continue.
  6. Quality inspector repeats the process every 30 minutes.

Along with the IPIR sheet, the quality inspector carries a daily report sheet and a work instructions binder to each area that requires inspection. The quality inspector is solely responsible for identifying errors. The supervisor is in charge of correcting any issues with products or processes such as a machine or scale calibration.

The IPIR sheet helps the quality inspector to recognize any patterns. Since the in-process inspection sheet is used for the full duration of the work order, the quality inspector can draw conclusions about an operator’s ability to perform the task or the effectiveness of a machine.

At Peoria Production Shop, we strive to add value to every product we touch. Our quality team follows strict policies and procedures.  If we find that a particular employee is better suited to perform a different task than the one assigned, we place our workers where they excel and perform to the best of their abilities.  This policy has proven to be beneficial to ensure that we provide high-quality products, on-time and with consistency.

At PPS, we use in-process inspection reports and materials to aid in-process inspections  and to ensure finished products meet customer specifications. We promise to do our part and take appropriate action as needed so our customers can succeed. Visit our website to see how we can further your company’s success as a value-added, quality supplier.


PPS Contract Assembly Capabilities

Contract assembly is a fast growing industry. The costs are continuing to rise as companies are investing in machinery to keep up with competitors. Companies are learning that subcontracting the work is beneficial in reducing costs yet maintaining high quality production.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and companies of all sizes encounter projects that are best suited for contract assembly. Outsourcing assembly comes with many benefits. Contract assembly is more practical, less expensive and has a much faster dock-to-stock time. Contract manufacturers bring a high level of technical expertise that can help original manufacturers add value to their products with an optimized production process.

At Peoria Production Shop, we have highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to assemble products with quick turnaround time with strict quality policies. Our staff has the capabilities to assemble various types of products such as:

  • Single and Multi-Step Assemblies
  • Mechanical and Electrical Assembly
  • Final Assembly or Subassembly for further manufacturing
  • Complete packaging and shipping after assembly processing

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we utilize Value Stream Mapping (VSM)  to eliminate bottlenecks in the assembly process. We offer full material traceability and on time delivery to our customers. As a self-supporting not-for-profit organization, we have the ability to provide competitive quotes that allow us to perform the same work as competitors for lower costs.

Our FDA Clean Room

Peoria Production Shop recently invested in an FDA certified clean room. This new in-house facility has allowed us to take advantage of the growing market and take on new projects that we otherwise were unable to do.

For example, PPS has partnered with Celsius Fitness Drinks to package their drinks into six-pack units. This partnership has allowed us to create more jobs for our growing company.

The FDA clean room has sparked interest in new customers as we have taken on new business with nutraceuticals, cosmetics and other consumer products. We hope to capitalize on this investment by working with more OEMs that require a clean room. PPS is continuously trying to find solutions for our customers. This clean room has proven to be beneficial for our company and our customers.

Our highly trained professionals are eager to add value to our customers products through efficient and low cost production. The FDA clean room has added value to our company and provided us with a new area of clients in need of a solution to their problems. Visit our website to learn more about the projects we can handle for you with our many contract assembly capabilities.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Contract Assembly

Contract assembly is used by companies all over the world. Outsourcing niche manufacturing services proves to have many advantages and disadvantages that companies can utilize to fit their specific needs.

Outsourcing contract assembly provides many advantages to the original manufacturer such as:

Advantages of Contract Assembly

Maximize profits

Outsourcing all secondary processes under one facility helps to reduce expenses, lead times, and overall costs.

Gain insight 

The contract assembly company can make recommendations or suggest materials that will be the most beneficial for the customer.

Have confidence

Contract manufacturers have years of experience about products and industries, giving confidence in complete, accurate assembly processes.

Increase attention to detail

Contract assembly manufacturers can spot risks and identify flaws throughout the supply chain with experienced assemblers focused on detail.

Some disadvantages to contract assembly may include:

Disadvantages of Contract Assembly 

Communication errors

Outsourcing assembly may lead to a lack of communication because the processes are not done in-house.

Lose complete control of the product

Hiring a contract assembly manufacturer means you are giving up some control on the processes.

Intellectual property risks

Choosing to outsource assembly runs the risk of products or ideas being stolen.

Unreliable or inexperienced manufacturers

Original manufacturers want to trust that the product is in good hands. An unreliable manufacturer might lead to quality issues or production shutdowns.

At Peoria Production Shop, we use Value Stream Mapping (VSM), to improve efficient operations by eliminating waste and identifying any potential bottlenecks in the process.  This process helps us to bring value-added processes to the forefront for efficient production. Likewise, we communicate with our customers throughout the entire process. Our goal is to add value to your products in the best possible way. If a customer has specific requirements, our highly trained professionals work to meet those expectations.

Additionally, we work closely with our customers to build a solid contract. Our team discusses with the original manufacturer to construct a non-disclosure agreement and supply agreement that encompass any intellectual property risks.

If a customer is unsure about working with Peoria Production Shop, we allow trials that involve time studies. This research allows us to provide solid data to the customer regarding the value we can add to their product.

Understanding the risks within outsourcing contract assembly is sometimes a challenge. It takes a lot of trust for a company to let go of complete control of a project, although working with the right contract assembly company provides many advantages that certainly outweigh the risks.

Peoria Production Shop guarantees accuracy with all contract assembly and other value added services due to our extensive knowledge and expertise in efficient and accurate assembly processes. We pride ourselves on working closely with the customer to ensure that they receive the experience we promised. Visit our website to learn how we can add value to your supply chain with contract assembly that brings many benefits and advantages.

What is Contract Assembly in Manufacturing?

Contract Assembly in ManufacturingWhat is Manufacturing?

 Manufacturing encompasses the process of turning raw materials into a finished product, with broad capabilities providing products to nearly every industry.  Consumer products cover a wide range of items from razors, to tools, household items and more.  Some companies manufacture consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets and  computers, while large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) manufacture automobiles, airplanes, large construction equipment and more. Manufacturing is the backbone of industry, providing a solution to deliver products from ideas to fruition, through product and process development.

What is Assembly?

Assembly encompasses combining components or partial units into an assembled product, either for further final assembly or consumer sale.  Some small parts contract assemblers will provide processes to connect specified components that may need to be delivered back to the OEM for further assembly or installation into a final product.  Assembly complements many manufacturing processes in which individual components or parts are assembled in a sequential manner to achieve a final assembled product, per customer specifications.

Contract Assembly

Contract Assembly operates in a niche market for the manufacturing industry. These companies work on a project to project basis. Outsourcing assembly work to a contract assembly house can be a profitable opportunity for manufacturers, allowing them to keep their own production and labor costs down while farming out work that an assembly house can do quicker and with a higher level of quality and expertise as that is their niche.

Contract assembly services add value to OEMs through efficient and cost-effective assembly and kitting services.

Building Long-Term Customer Relationships

OEMs that establish long-term relationships with contract assembly houses stand to gain the most benefit.  Peoria Production Shop acts as an extension of your team with high-quality assembly work provided with reliable consistency.  We offer continual support for current and new projects, always ready to evaluate the best solution to provide the most cost-effective assembly work possible.  We conduct continual improvement exercises and practice value stream mapping exercises to ensure the most efficient operations, passing cost savings onto our customers.  Long term relationships benefit both the OEM and contract assembly house, a valuable part of major supply chains.

Contract Assembly for Caterpillar 

Peoria Production Shop has been providing solutions to Caterpillar, Inc. for more than 30 years, since the 1980s.  The Fortune 100 construction machinery and mobile equipment industry leader has come to rely on our quick and high-quality service for a wide variety of contract operations.  We provide reliable secondary operations such as contract assembly, kitting, packaging, palletizing, sewing and more.

Peoria Production Shop has been providing valuable contract assembly services for more than 80 years.  We are dedicated to a high level of quality as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification and a commitment to excellence.  Contact us for all your contract assembly needs.

Why Subcontract Your Electronics Assembly?

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) or electronic contract manufacturing services (EMS) are the services offered by companies that manufacture, test, distribute and provide repair services.  These are companies specifically contracted to manufacture electronics and electronic components for the electronic industry. Many companies have moved towards outsourcing manufacturing and electronic assembly to cut costs and downsize.

EMS providers can reduce time-to-market and time-to-volume production for products. By outsourcing assembly work, companies lower operating costs. In result, companies can focus on higher-level product offerings while improving their inventory management.

PPS can take finished electronic components and assemble according to rigorous work instructions and a PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) supplied by the customer. The company’s high functioning employees can use automated tooling and torque tools to ensure the effective amount of attachment of the various components. We can also provide a final test, if so desired and parameters supplied by the customer.

Contracting out electronic assembly is beneficial for the return on investment (ROI) for the life cycle of a product. Subcontracting allows for better pricing rather than keeping the assembly in-house. At Peoria Production Shop, the company focuses on creating jobs rather than profits. PPS strives to build a production full of high-functioning individuals in central Illinois. PPS follows strict quality manufacturing processes that deliver high-quality products based on customer instructions. 

Cost-Effective Electronic Assembly Subcontracting Solution

 By utilizing the resources of Peoria Production Shop, customers are allowed to think strategically to focus on their niche market.  The contract manufacturing company specializes in kitting, assembly, and so much more so OEMs can focus on what they do best. Original manufacturers get the highest return on investment when subcontracting tedious assembly, along with saving costs on labor and resources. Subcontracting electronic assembly allows the OEMS to focus resources where best utilized and meet their earning goals. Contract electronic assembly houses can perform the same work for less money than OEMs attempting assembly in-house, giving manufacturers the most bang for their buck.

Peoria Production Shop has recently begun working with a personal care company for electronic kitting assembly. The employees are assembling four screws on the component and putting all the products in a box with the various attachments in particular order.

With the recent pandemic, more and more users are trying to keep up with their personal care at home. The brand is working hard to keep up with high demand.

Peoria Production Shop has partnered with the personal care company to bring more products to customers at a lower price. The company has requested two million units for Peoria Production Shop to assemble.  While not specifically an electronic assembly process, the use of electronic components has opened new doors for the contract manufacturing company. Simply by contracting out electronic assembly has proved to be beneficial for the original manufacturer and sub-contractors. This partnership brings forth new opportunities for all involved, all while assembling high quality products for a high return on investment.

Peoria Production Shop differs from other contract assembly companies in our mission to provide jobs, not profits.  This gives us a unique advantage over competitors to be responsive on many levels.  Contact us to learn how we can improve your assembled electronic components with high-quality contract electronic assembly. 




What is contract assembly?

contract assembly definitionContract assembly is an approach in which a firm hires an outside manufacturer to produce components or final products based on the original manufacturer’s design. Assembly contracts operate differently than typical manufacturers. Contract manufacturing combines semi-finished products to produce a final good or product.

What industries utilize contract assembly? 


The electronics industry uses private label manufacturers to outsource manufacturing from all around the world. A final product might say “Made in China” but the individual products can be outsourced to different countries to create the final product.


Nearly 50% of all car manufacturing is done off-site by contract manufacturers. Many automotive companies do not build all of the components to the vehicle, as these products are outsourced.

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals

Contract manufacturers produce chemicals for various products. Likewise, equipment for these pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are commonly outsourced to contract manufacturers. 

Food Industry

The food industry uses contract manufacturing to develop packaging for various food products.

Consumer Products

Contract manufacturers put together and assemble products for consumer use.


Assembling and packaging games and puzzles.


Mechanical assembly for industrial products such as tractors and other farming equipment.

Peoria Production Shop’s Capabilities 

Peoria Production Shop is a midwest company that has been providing solutions to original manufacturers problems for nearly 80 years. These manufacturing issues extend from inadequate packaging, to shortage of procurement, and even poor lead times with auto-labeling, repackaging, and shipping.

Peoria Production Shop (PPS) is ISO9001:2015 certified for 15 years, focused on quality products, processes and continual improvement.  We provide gold-level quality services to Fortune 100 manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Inc.   PPS provides kitting, mechanical assembly, packaging, labeling, and sewing with capabilities to customize your assembly needs.

The coronavirus pandemic has allowed Peoria Production Shop to tap into new resources within the medical field to provide hand sanitizers, spray bottles, masks, and other personal protective equipment (PPE). The increased need for PPE has sparked the company’s interest in working with local hospitals to help those on the front lines of the pandemic.

Additionally, PPS has recently incorporated games and entertainment into our manufacturing capabilities through the production of products for companies such as Lux Blox and Dagz Dice Game.  PPS would like to enhance our services in the beauty industry and has manufactured  shaving and pedicure products. Likewise, PPS has recently expanded our  square footage and has invested in new machinery for auto-labeling.

Recently, PPS has provided packaging solutions for companies that experienced shipping problems such as a window package that was not properly packaged, allowing a carrier to damage the product before it reached the customer. PPS worked closely with the client to create a new design that eliminated breakage and would otherwise have been a high cost for their  in-house packaging and repackaging.

PPS has also recently entered the subscription service industry. We assemble, package, and fulfill products for subscriptions such as razor companies. Contract assembly is the heart and soul of Peoria Production Shop.  We work with manufacturers to create product solutions that companies face each and every day.  At Peoria Production Shop, the focus is on creating jobs, not profits. As a not-for-profit organization, Peoria Production Shop focuses on being the leading provider of jobs for people with high-functioning disabilities. Contract assembly allows for these individuals to work together to create products for manufacturing companies while achieving social and financial independence.

Peoria Production Shop offer 80 years of experience in providing solutions to companies of all sizes needing contract assembly and outsourced processes.  We offer assembly, kitting, sewing, packaging and shipping with tight inventory control, lot code traceability and stringent quality processes.  Contact us to learn more about our many solutions including experienced contract assembly.







Contract Assembly House for the Automotive Industry

With over 1 billion drivers in the world, the automotive industry is constantly creating new products to keep up with the ever growing demand for vehicles. The high demand to keep up with competitors requires automakers to outsource products requiring assembled components to specific contract assembly house companies.

 How Does a Contract Assembly House Work Within the  Automotive Industry?

Outsourcing Contract Assembly 

Automakers tend to do final assembly of larger components such as cockpits, seating, and front-end modules, although OEMs regularly outsource many smaller components such as electro-mechanical switches, buttons, and light cover housings, for example. OEMS receiving pre-assembled components on time ultimately lowers working costs with efficient material handling and inventory control.

An area where outsourcing has continually made sense for the automotive industry is in safety, such as airbags and seat belts. The reason that automakers outsource these types of services is due to the contract assembly house specializations, experience, and expertise in cost-efficient assembly. These items are assembled and shipped ready for automotive OEMs to install.


By outsourcing contract assembly to an experienced assembly house, automotive manufacturers can focus on their higher-level product manufacturing and assembly. Outsourcing specific products to assembly providers allows OEMs to specialize and concentrate on higher level product offerings. The use of contract assembly allows for more resources directed to design, engineering and development departments for continual improvement of vehicle manufacturing processes.


 Automakers that outsource smaller part assemblies realize many benefits such as reducing working capital requirements and lowering operating costs. By partnering with a quality focused contract assembly house, OEMs maintain their level of quality and timely deliveries.  The right contract assembly company will provide a mutually beneficial relationship with OEMs where both experience growth in sales and profitability.

New Opportunities

 Peoria Production Shop offers a diversified range of services such as various sewing capabilities that allow us to use our resources to provide safety measures for the automotive industry.  An example of our diverse services is the opportunity that PPS has had to create bus dividers amid the coronavirus pandemic. We are proud to have the capabilities to provide safe and useful features for transportation.

We differ from other assembly houses in our diverse range of services and ability to adapt to your specific needs. Furthermore, PPS can do multi-step assembly processes which could be used to develop products for axle and suspension models. PPS focuses on jobs not profit, therefore we strive to lower overall assembly costs for original manufacturers.

Overall Return on Investment

 One study finds that tier-two and tier-three system suppliers contribute more to the overall value of a vehicle than the original manufacturer does.  Partnering with an ISO9001:2015 registered company reduces risk in OEMs outsourcing assembly, giving them an advantage over competitors with valuable partners in their supply chain helping to reduce costs.

The automotive industry is continuing to grow with more and more drivers on the roads. Automotive manufacturers need to wisely utilize all resources to keep up with continued growth. Carmakers who choose to outsource the right assemblies and focus on the most profitable aspects of their automobile assembly will remain competitive and profitable with more flexibility.

Peoria Production Shop has been a valued supplier to OEMs in the automotive industry with vast experience in lean contract assembly.  We follow a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration and a commitment to delivering quality product, on-time at the most economical cost available.  Contact us to learn how to improve your supply chain with an experienced automotive contract assembly house.


Multi-Step Contract Assembly Quality Control

As a third party registered to ISO9001:2015, Peoria Production Shop carefully inspects and ensures quality for their manufacturing clients. Contract assembly with multiple components requires the need for accurate material tracking and consistent quality control.

There is a good chance that manufacturers will experience challenges when fulfilling custom orders such as precision design requirements, the need for prototypes, or quick production and assembly of multiple components to complete a finished product. It is important to understand how a multi-step contract assembly house can help to solve some of these problems.

Peoria Production Shop has been solving multi-step contract assembly needs for manufacturers of all sizes for 80 years. Over that time, PPS has been providing solutions to the following problems:

  • Inadequate packaging, wrapping, or bagging
  • Substandard mechanical assembly
  • Ineffective JIT “break bulk” sorting
  • Repackaging and shipping
  • Urgent, even “surprise” deadlines
  • Poor or inconsistent sewing or fabrication
  • Overflow or lack of storage

PPS is a gold-level quality supplier who works with clients to produce high-quality, assembled products. The company works with Fortune 100 manufacturers and other clients who put their confidence in PPS year after year.

Our Multi-Step Contract Assembly Quality Control Process

Receiving and Inspection of Raw Materials, Product Components

Raw parts go through a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and are generally level 4 which contains: Dimensional Test Results, Material Certs, Process Flow Diagrams, Parts Submission Warrant, Control Plans, and Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

Lean Multi-Step Assembly with VSM Practices

Peoria Production Shop conducts Value Stream Mapping (VSM) procedures to eliminate bottlenecks with lean assembly processes. Our large, modern facility affords room for expansion and the ability to customize assembly processes.  We cross train employees who are dedicated to a job well done with meticulous attention to detail.

First Article Inspection

Once products are approved, we conduct a first article of inspection on all new parts. As a quality minded multi-step contract assembly house, we will perform quality checks per customer supplied requirements.

Random Checks

We perform random quality checks on incoming parts and assembled components, including internal quality control checks on parts in process.

Creating Detailed Work Instructions

Detailed work instructions and standard operating procedures (SOP) are created with images and step-by-step direction.

Quality Guidelines in Work Instructions

Within the work instructions, we have quality guidelines that a certified inspector performs with quality control checks throughout the process.

Internal Inspection

The internal inspections are then analyzed for different quality metrics and also we look for any trends.

Lot Tracking with ERP System

We Segregate parts and components into product families then assign Key Performance Parameter (KPP) numbers and a description to the products.  The KPP is based on the corresponding work instruction quality guideline for tracking purpose. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides tight inventory control with lot code traceability of all components.

We track Capability Index (CPK), Parts per Million (PPM)

We track these key performance indicators and other quality metrics, depending on customer requirements. We aim for zero defects and ensure all assembled components are to exact customer specifications.

Final Inspection

A final inspection is performed before releasing the assembled products to the shipping department. With 17 shipping and receiving bays, we offer a controlled flow of material with final inspection upon palletizing and shipping preparation.

Peoria Production Shop guarantees that all products have gone through rigorous quality control checks and procedures. We use a five-year supplier capacity plan to ensure the products are manufactured to the company’s guidelines. We take pride in delivering high-quality products with on-time delivery, all while meeting rigorous performance standards. Contact us for all your multi-step contract assembly requirements.