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Meet Our Support Staff


Alyse Penny, Operations Support

Alyse has been with PPS for 6 years. She is the Operations Support for the Operations Manager and Supervisors. Alyse helps with multiple different daily/monthly tasks to assist our awesome production. She loves our mission and stands by it. For the future, Alyse hopes that PPS continues to grow and expands to outreach more customers who need our skills. She believes our employees are amazing and do such a great job. Alyse is so proud that she gets to work with them.


Kelsi Wileman, Inventory Control Specialist

Kelsi is the Inventory Control Specialist at Peoria Production Solutions.  She has been a member of the PPS team since November of 2018.  She is responsible for maintaining inventory accuracy and keeping the master records for our 9000+ components.  In addition to this, she is our New Product Implementation Coordinator and manages all of our quoting.  Kelsi is very detail oriented and enjoys being able to incorporate this into her position. She is excited about the current growth of the company and looks forward to the new opportunities this growth is bringing for everyone here at PPS!


Michael Randall, Purchasing and Customer Service Manager

Michael’s job at Peoria Production Solutions is Purchasing and Customer Service. He has been a member of the Peoria Production Solutions family for over 6 years. Michael is the main contact point for most PPS customers. He takes great pride in being the face of the company.  Michael enjoys giving our customers a good first impression of who PPS is. Michael is also responsible for all incoming freight on the production side and some production scheduling. Peoria Production Solutions has seen some positive growth during his time here and he looks forward to more growth and new challenges in the near future. Michael is dedicated to providing current PPS customers and new customers 100 percent satisfaction with the services PPS provides. Outside of work, Michael likes the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.


Sandra Curry, Staff Accountant

Sandra works as the Staff Accountant for PPS. Her husband, Jan, retired from here a few years ago. While he was at PPS, he spoke so highly about the mission and vision. So when the opportunity arose, I was so excited to become a part of the PPS family. Her duties include supporting the financial department, payroll, and time tracking systems. Sandra’s hobbies are sewing, embroidering, and boating. She loves to cook and learn new recipes! She is looking forward to growing her friendships at PPS and finding out what interests everyone has in common.


Jennie Ozment, Accounting Support

Jennie is the Accounting Clerk and Receptionist at Peoria Production Solutions.  She started in February of 2020.  She manages the company’s time keeping system and prepares invoices for customers.  She also manages the Treasury receipts, purchases supplies for equipment maintenance, and keeps the office supplied.  She is a mother of three and has three grandchildren whom she adores.  She enjoys reading and working in her yard.  She is also very active in her church.  Jennie is the first person you see when you walk into our office and she always has a smile!


Renee Morgan, Purchasing Analyst

Renee is the Purchasing Analyst for PPS. Her previous experience includes working in manufacturing and production for over 30 years. She joined the team because she loves what the company stands for and what they are doing for people. She has had no regrets since accepting the purchasing position. Renee loves starting her day with a good morning and a smile. She truly believes that she has become a better person since working here.


Lori Graham, Data Analyst 

Lori is the data analyst at PPS. She started working here in the beginning of 2021. As a data analyst, she extracts, organizes, creates, and modifies data with the goal of reaching conclusions to support decision-making. Lori’s daughter works at PPS during the summertime until school starts up again. The two love being a part of the company together.

Travis Knox, IT Support

Travis works as the IT (information technology) Support for PPS. He started in 2019 and has really enjoyed his time here! More than anything, Travis says “he really enjoys being around the people who make us what we are. We know there’s work to do, but as you talk to anyone, you realize we all enjoy being here because our mission is something to be proud of, and it creates a great, nurturing work environment.” From a day-to-day perspective, Travis maintains the internal computer systems, fixes any issues that pop up with the users’ technology, and plans for future upgrades that will enable the PPS mission to be furthered. Beyond that, he tries to be a light-hearted, fun person to be around. His big interests outside of work are cooking, travel, exercise, movies, and his puppy, Peanut!