Peoria Production Shop is a premier packaging company and leader in the industry among contract packaging companies in Illinois. We provide high-quality packaging, wrapping, filling, and bagging products to a wide variety of industries.

With over 80 years of experience in handling thousands of projects, we are a trusted co-packaging company. Our capabilities serve a wide array of industries that use materials such as nutraceuticals, flexible packaging, liquid, powder filling and various businesses in the industrial sector.

We are a secondary packaging company that takes already packaged goods and puts them into different packaging from how they came to us. Then, we use our resources such as auto labeling, shrink wrapping, and labeling the packaged products.

We are a creative and resourceful company that is willing to invest in any project, big or small. With our modern technology and highly-trained staff we are fully equipped to provide you with premier packaging solutions.

Industry Specific Packaging

Peoria Production Shop partners with food and beverage companies to package their products. We use our secondary packaging capabilities to repackage products.

Companies such as Argo Tea, Celsius Fitness Drinks, Protein2o, and Slime Lickers all undergo new packaging solutions.

Recently, we partnered with a local medical facility to manufacture and package medical masks.

Our Packaging Technology

Peoria Production Shop uses a heat sealer, heat tunnel, vertical continuous band sealer with a stand and hot stamp imprinter. We partner with other flexible packaging businesses to provide us with labels, tags, and instruction sheets.

Additional Packaging Capabilities

All food and beverage companies require labeling, FDA required imprinting lot codes and expiration dates, and retail specific palletizing so we can ship to multiple locations throughout the United States. We have an auto-labeling machine and shrink sleeve that make these additional packaging capabilities possible. We wish to accommodate our large sales in this industry so we are willing to provide these services for an additional cost making Peoria Production Shop a one stop shop for our clients.

Peoria Production has been providing solutions to manufacturers for over 80 years. We strive to add value to every project we touch. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to be competitive in the secondary packaging industry. Visit our website to fill out a request for a quote form.