auto baggingAuto bagging systems are used to automatically insert and seal products inside a flexible pouch or bag. These systems can help to protect parts, prepare parts for repackaging or shipping, improve consistency and increase production. Automated processes help to reduce overall labor expenses while increasing productivity.

Versatile Auto Bagging Equipment and Technologies

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has over 12 different types of auto bagging equipment and at least 50 various auto bagging machines.  This allows us to be responsive and competitive on many levels with the versatility to auto-bag various products of different materials and sizes.

Our Automated Bagging Technology

Peoria Production Solutions uses a heat sealer, heat tunnel, vertical continuous band sealer with a stand, and hot stamp imprinter. We partner with other flexible packaging businesses to source quality bags,  labels, tags, and instruction sheets.

Benefits of Auto Bagging

With auto bagging, individual parts can be easily secured to protect parts against damage or loss and better organize products. Parts can be auto-bagged and labeled to follow an automated inventory flow, reducing the chance of error for assembly or packaging.  Any automated process helps to reduce labor expenses and increases productivity, which improves profitability.  At PPS, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to serving our employees and customers. As we are focused more on jobs than profits, we pass cost-saving efficiencies onto our customers.

Industries We Serve

We provide auto bagging capabilities for a wide array of industries, including Fortune 100 manufacturers, subscription service companies, and retail suppliers.

PPS has a longstanding partnership with Caterpillar Inc. We individually bag many materials based on the company’s strict specifications. Peoria Production Solutions uses our quality auto-bagging machines to package industrial products such as washers, nuts, gaskets, and more.

PPS recently partnered with Wedge Guys, a golf supply company. We combine premium grip tape strips, retractable hook blades, rubber vise clamps, and grip solvent into an Ultimate Grip Kit. We use a heat sealer to seal the products and secure all supplies in the bag.  Our auto-bagging equipment is versatile to accommodate many commercial and industrial processes.

Experienced Auto Bagging Services

One of the greatest advantages of auto bagging is that it helps to maximize time and labor while reducing materials costs. Using auto-bagging technology eases operations and employee training.  As a packaging provider committed to our customers’ total satisfaction, we have the capability to customize any project to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Peoria Production Solutions offers decades of experience in helping our customers meet their packaging needs. Our highly trained staff and variety of auto bagging technologies and equipment allow PPS to be competitive in the industry. Request a quote today to see how PPS can help to improve your efficiencies with decades of experience and automated equipment for quality auto bagging services.