Peoria Production Solutions provides cost-efficient contract assembly services with an experienced staff dedicated to high-quality and attention to detail.

Experienced Contract Assembly Company

Peoria Production Solutions has been delivering outsourcing solutions for 80 years, offering a wide range of secondary operations including assembly services. OEMs and companies of all sizes encounter jobs that may require additional processes best suited for a contract assembly house. We have the staff, equipment, and facilities to assemble your products with quick turn-around time and a quality end-product.

Our experienced staff is familiar with assembling various types of products including:

  • Single- and multi-step assemblies
  • Mechanical and electrical
  • Final assembly or subassembly for further manufacturing
  • Complete packaging and shipping after assembly processing

We utilize automated equipment and precision tooling to ensure a high level of quality and timely delivery. Our assembly services include a wide range of capabilities, all following our strict quality policy with quality control checks.

Cost-Efficient Assembly Services

If your staff are better suited for your core business applications, consider Peoria Production Solutions for all your contract assembly services. We are in the unique position as a self-sufficient not-for-profit organization to provide the most competitive quotes for secondary operations. Since our motivation is jobs, not profits, we can be responsive and competitive on many different levels, often performing the same work for less than the competition or your in-house budget limits.

We conduct Value Stream Mapping (VSM) activities to identify the optimum flow of materials and cross train employees to eliminate any bottleneck in the assembly process. Our modern facility is designed to support the safe and efficient handling of raw materials, components, and finished products.

Man Doing Contract Mechanical Assembly

Quality Controlled Contract Manufacturing Assembly

Peoria Production Solutions is certified to ISO9001:2015, with top-down management involved in all processes. Our customers know they can rely on our quick turn-around with quality assembly services, delivered on-time. With our quality focused and cost-efficient assembly solutions, we provide both product and process improvement as a valued supplier to manufacturers in many industries.

We strive to be the premier employer of individuals with disabilities, investing in our staff with training and encouraging personal success and independence. Our employees are committed to a job well done with great attention to detail. We have enjoyed 80 years of growth and success with very low-turnover from a dedicated staff, eager to provide total customer satisfaction.

Customized Contract Assembly Services

We have the capacity, equipment, staff, and processes to customize any assembly project to meet your specifications. Our modern 130,000-square foot facility was designed to meet current needs and future expansion.

We have 17 shipping and receiving bays, eight dedicated to receiving and nine reserved for shipping, for safe and efficient handling of customer inventories. We maintain a controlled flow of materials and products, a fully integrated warehouse, and a computerized inventory control system.

Peoria Production Solutions: Your Contract Assembly Solution

Peoria Production Solutions partners with you to provide the ideal solution to your production and contract assembly needs. Our experienced workforce gets the job done with attention to detail, high-quality assembly services provided in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are well suited to take on a wide variety of your assembly and other secondary operation requirements such as packing, packaging, filling and wrapping.

Peoria Production Solutions is conveniently located in central Illinois, providing contract assembly services to the Midwest and nationwide. We offer a skilled and experienced workforce trained in quality work processes and dedicated to a job well done. Contact us for all your secondary operation requirements including contract assembly services.