Educational Kitting

Peoria Production Solutions is your trusted educational kitting partner, delivering exceptional kitting services for the educational sector. We provide tailored kitting solutions that elevate the quality of education in a field where hands-on learning experiences are invaluable.

Educational Kits and Kitting Services

At Peoria Production Solutions, we recognize that educators and institutions require specialized, curriculum-aligned educational kits to meet their objectives. Peoria Production Solutions understands the unique needs of the educational market when it comes to kitting and assembly. In the educational sector, kitting plays a pivotal role in fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. We provide tailored solutions that empower educational institutions to deliver learning experiences effectively.

Types of Educational Kitting Services

There is an endless need for kitting in the educational sector, as children and adults of all ages require organized and engaging material for a variety of learning endeavors. From early childhood development to grade school, high school, college courses, postgraduate study, trade school, and continuing education opportunities, all teachers and instructors require kits to help students stay focused and learn relevant material.

Kits are required for all types of courses and purposes, such as:

  • School supplies
  • Early development and preschool kits
  • Science kits
  • Math kits
  • Tools for trade schools
  • Healthcare kits for learning experiences
  • Kits for teachers and instructors
  • Classroom kits and learning aids
  • Home school kits

We provide customized educational kitting solutions based on your specific requirements. Our staff is highly trained in assembling a variety of products and components with meticulous attention to detail.

Your Educational Kitting Partner

Peoria Production Solutions takes pride in being your trusted ally in delivering top-tier kitting services that improve efficiency in the classroom or in the field and facilitate learning. We follow strict quality policies and invest in our staff with continual training and cross-training programs. Peoria Production Solutions offers more than 80 years of experience as a production solutions provider, originally established in 1941 to provide employment to those recovering from tuberculosis.

As a not-for-profit company, we have been fully sustaining and continue to thrive as we fulfill our mission to provide employment, training, and encouragement to people with all types of disabilities and to foster their social independence. We offer an environment that is encouraging, respectful, and safe for all employees and enjoy an extremely low turnover rate from a dedicated staff. Our not-for-profit status allows us to meet your budgetary goals as our focus is on creating and maintaining jobs, not profits.

Educational Kitting Resources and Capabilities

Peoria Production Solutions offers extensive resources in our state-of-the-art facility with the capacity to set up dedicated workstations for your educational kitting and assembly processes. With 15 shipping and receiving docks, we maintain a controlled flow of goods for product integrity and ensure complete accountability of all customer-supplied material. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tracks all components with real-time lot code traceability for all educational kitting projects.

We offer extensive expertise in kitting and assembly operations with skilled and experienced staff trained in kitting, assembly, and packaging operations. Our employees are trained on using a variety of automated equipment to perform various kitting and assembly processes such as bagging and auto bagging, kitting, assembly, counting, labeling, sewing, bindery, all types of packaging, shrink wrapping, palletizing, and more.

Peoria Production Solutions is your kitting and assembly solutions partner, offering vast resources for timely and accurate educational kits at a competitive price. We have been providing production solutions to companies of all sizes for more than 80 years. Contact us to learn how to improve your learning experiences for instructors and students with stellar educational kitting services.