Dan LaTurno


Dan is the President and CEO and just celebrated his second year here at PPS. He says, “it was not an easy transition coming from the for-profit world, but the MISSION here makes all the difference. My job satisfaction has never been higher!” Walking around the Shop floor and interacting with the employees gives him such pride in seeing how much they enjoy the work that they do. Dan claims the pride and self-esteem of a job well done is so evident on the faces of every one of them. His goal for PPS is to double sales and double “targeted” employment in 5 years.

Email: dlaturno@peoriapros.com

Phone: (309) 693-2000 ext. 200

Elizabeth Dailey

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth serves Peoria Production Solutions as the Chief Financial Officer.  She has held this position since 2008.  Her primary roles include financial reporting to the board and stakeholders of the organization, retirement plan administrator and compliance officer.  She also serves as strategic partner to the CEO.  Beth’s favorite part of working at the shop is the getting to know the employees on a personal level and seeing their successes.  She is a mother of four, and enjoys reading and serving as a volunteer in her community.  Beth has been recognized as one of WEEK’s 25 Women In Leadership for her work with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program sponsored by the IRS and METEC Housing Counseling and Resource Center.  Beth started a free tax clinic serving individuals with disabilities at PPS in 2014, and has done hundreds of returns for PPS employees, their family members and individuals that receive services from EP!C.

Email: edailey@peoriapros.com

Phone: (309) 693-2000 ext. 208

James Smith

Operations Manager

Jim is the Operations Manager and has been with Peoria Production Solutions for 37 years. His employment with the shop started as a shop supervisor. PPS had 45 employees working two shifts at the time. The company has grown now to around 180 total employees on one shift. The shop’s culture is one of a “family”. The company tries to create an open and friendly atmosphere for all of the employees so that they want to come to work, which is evident in the outstanding attendance records. The employees inspire Jim to do his very best which makes his job very fulfilling. Another item he enjoys about the shop is watching employees strive to do the best they can in their jobs and see their faces when they succeed. Jim has seen the company grow over the years and has been involved with two major facility expansions. He is ready to tackle another so that PPS can continue to provide employment opportunities to more individuals with disabilities.

Email: jims@peoriapros.com

Phone: (309) 693-2000 ext. 209