There are times when products require repackaging services for a variety of reasons. Packaging may need to be reworked due to a change in labeling, or a change in packaged components or due to non-conforming product. When your products require repackaging services, Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, gets the job done accurately and efficiently with quick turn-around time.

Repackaging Services

Repackaging can be a labor-intensive and burdensome process for manufacturers or companies to take on in-house. There is no need to waste your valuable resources to rework or repackage products when secondary packaging is a specialty of PPS. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions including assembly and kitting and reworking packaging when necessary to meet your specifications.

Our dedicated workforce is experienced in custom hand assembly and packaging services as well as utilizing modern, automated equipment such as for counting, bagging, filling, weighing, labeling, sewing and more. We are ready to take on your repackaging needs with an experienced, dedicated staff, automated equipment, and the capacity to meet your needs.

Types of Repackaging Services

Repackaging may be required for many types of reasons and could involve different steps. Some packages may just require new labeling while other packages could need to be completely unpacked and sorted. For assembled kits, maybe just one product needs to be replaced, repackaged, and sealed.

Repackaging services do not always entail rework due to an error or nonconforming product. Kits may need to be repackaged for a number of reasons, such as an outdated, recalled or rejected unit. Repackaging could also be required to repackage items received in wholesale packaging, removing products from the original packaging, and repacking into new cartons. Repackaging may be repacking products into new cartons or into kits or gift sets.

Repackaging services include but are not limited to:

  • Relabeling
  • Sorting
  • Inspecting
  • Counting
  • Removing or adding components to kits
  • Repacking from wholesale to retail packaging
  • Repackaging into gift sets or kits

Whatever your reason for needing repackaging services, PPS has you covered with the resources to get the job done quickly and an experienced staff committed to a job well done with meticulous attention to detail.

Repackaging Services Company

Peoria Production Solutions has been offering secondary packaging including repackaging services for more than 80 years. Our fully sustainable, not-for-profit company employs individuals with alternate abilities, investing in their training and future. We provide competitive wages and excellent benefits and enjoy a dedicated workforce with nearly perfect attendance and extremely low turnover for all employees. With the mission to provide jobs instead of profit, we are in a unique position with the flexibility to meet our customers’ budgetary needs without sacrificing a high level of quality and service.

PPS offers customized repackaging services to meet your specific production requirements including labeling and shipping per your instructions. Our enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, system provides complete lot number traceability for a controlled flow of goods and complete accountability of customer supplied materials. We follow a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification, enforced throughout the company with top-down management involvement.

We focus on total customer satisfaction through high-quality secondary production services, competitive pricing, and on-time delivery.

PPS has been a leading provider of secondary production services such as contract packaging, kit assembly, sewing, packaging and more. We offer the resources, staff, and capacity to provide high-quality rework, sorting or repackaging quickly and on time. Contact us to learn more about our many production solutions and for more information on our repackaging services.