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Packaging Nutraceutical vs. Pharmaceutical Packaging: Navigating the Differences

Pharmaceutical vs. Nutraceutical Packaging

The packaging of pharmaceuticals and packaging nutraceuticals plays a crucial role in the safety, efficacy, and stability of these products. While both industries aim to improve health outcomes, their packaging requirements reflect distinct regulatory, market, and consumer demands.

Peoria Production Solutions (PPS), with over 80 years of experience in packaging and secondary production solutions, is adept at navigating these differences to offer specialized the packacaging of nutraceuticals.

Regulatory Environment

A fundamental difference between pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging stems from their regulatory environments. Pharmaceuticals are strictly regulated by agencies such as the FDA in the United States, requiring rigorous testing, validation, and approval before hitting the market. This regulation extends to packaging, which must meet stringent standards for safety, labeling, and child resistance.

Nutraceuticals, however, occupy a less strictly regulated space. Classified as dietary supplements or food additives, they do not require pre-market approval from the FDA. This distinction impacts packaging requirements, with nutraceuticals often subject to more generalized food safety standards rather than exhaustive pharmaceutical protocols.

Material and Design Considerations

Pharmaceutical packaging often utilizes materials and designs that prioritize product stability, integrity, and safety. This includes the use of barrier materials to protect against moisture, oxygen, and light and the incorporation of tamper-evident and child-resistant features. The design is typically straightforward, focusing on functionality and regulatory compliance over aesthetic appeal.

Nutraceutical packaging, while also concerned with product protection, has greater flexibility in design and material choice. This sector tends to emphasize branding and consumer appeal, utilizing innovative shapes, vibrant graphics, and user-friendly features such as resealable zippers or easy-open caps. Nutraceutical packaging also explores sustainable options more aggressively, responding to consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

Labeling and Information Disclosure

Labeling requirements present another area of divergence. Pharmaceutical packaging is heavily regulated regarding the information it must present, including detailed dosage instructions, ingredient lists, side effects, and contraindications. The goal is to ensure patient safety and informed use of the medication.

Nutraceutical packaging, by contrast, operates under less stringent labeling rules. While it must not make unfounded health claims, the focus is often on marketing and nutritional information. This allows for more creative branding but requires careful adherence to regulations governing the portrayal of health benefits and nutritional content.

Market Demands and Consumer Expectations

Market demands and consumer expectations further differentiate pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging. Pharmaceutical consumers prioritize safety, efficacy, and trust, expecting packaging that assures product integrity and accurate dosing. Nutraceutical consumers, while also concerned with safety and efficacy, often seek additional values such as natural ingredients, sustainability, and lifestyle alignment, influencing packaging choices to reflect these preferences.

Peoria Production Solutions: Expertise in Nutraceutical Packaging

Peoria Production Solutions (PPS) brings over 80 years of experience to the table, offering a broad range of packaging and secondary production solutions tailored to the unique demands of the nutraceutical industry. Understanding the critical differences between pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging allows PPS to provide specialized services such as kitting & assembly, packaging, secondary packaging, and contract packaging solutions that meet the specific needs of nutraceutical products.

PPS’s expertise extends beyond mere packaging to include a deep understanding of the nutraceutical market, enabling the delivery of solutions that not only protect and preserve products but also enhance brand value and consumer engagement. From selecting the right materials and designs to ensuring regulatory compliance and market appeal, PPS is equipped to handle all aspects of nutraceutical packaging.

While pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging share the common goal of protecting health-enhancing products, the differences in regulatory requirements, material and design considerations, labeling, and market demands necessitate distinct approaches.

Peoria Production Solutions excels in navigating these complexities, particularly in the contract packaging space, leveraging our decades-long expertise to offer packaging solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. Contact us today to discover how our nutraceutical packaging solutions can support your product’s success in this dynamic market.

Pet Food Nutraceutical Packaging: Trends and Challenges

Pharmaceutical vs. Nutraceutical Packaging

Increased focus on pet food nutraceutical packaging

This evolution has led to an increased focus on pet food nutraceutical packaging, a segment that encompasses both the trends shaping its future and the challenges it must overcome. Companies like Peoria Production Solutions (PPS) are at the forefront, providing innovative packaging solutions tailored to the unique demands of nutraceutical products. Learn more about the current trends and challenges in pet food nutraceutical packaging and how to stay current with advanced, cost-effective packaging solutions.

Emerging Trends in Pet Food Nutraceutical Packaging

The pet food nutraceutical industry is witnessing several key trends that are driving innovation and sustainability in packaging.

  • Sustainability
    One significant trend is the shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, there is a growing demand for packaging that minimizes environmental impact without compromising on quality or safety. Materials such as biodegradable plastics and recycled paper are becoming increasingly popular, offering a greener alternative to traditional packaging materials.
  • Convenience and functionality
    Another trend is the emphasis on convenience and functionality. Today’s pet owners are looking for packaging that is easy to use, resealable, and portable. This has led to the development of innovative packaging designs, such as stand-up pouches and single-serving packets, which not only improve the consumer experience but also help maintain the freshness and efficacy of nutraceutical products.
  • Smart packaging technologies
    Additionally, the integration of smart packaging technologies is gaining momentum. Features such as QR codes, NFC tags, and smart labels provide pet owners with valuable information about the product, including its nutritional content, origin, and recommended dosage. These technologies also offer enhanced traceability and authenticity, crucial factors in an industry where product quality and safety are paramount.

Challenges Facing Pet Food Nutraceutical Packaging

  • Product integrity and safety
    Despite these advancements, the pet food nutraceutical packaging sector faces several challenges. One of the primary concerns is maintaining product integrity and safety. Nutraceutical products are often sensitive to external factors such as light, air, and moisture, which can degrade their quality and effectiveness. Packaging solutions must, therefore, offer adequate protection to ensure the longevity and efficacy of the products contained within.
  • Regulatory compliance
    Another challenge is regulatory compliance. The pet food nutraceutical industry is subject to stringent regulations that govern labeling, materials, and product claims. Navigating these regulations can be complex, requiring packaging solutions that are not only effective but also fully compliant with industry standards.
  • Sustainability
    Sustainability remains a significant challenge as well. While there is a push towards more eco-friendly packaging options, finding materials that balance environmental concerns with the need for product protection and longevity is an ongoing struggle. Companies must innovate continuously to develop packaging solutions that meet these dual objectives without compromising on performance.

Peoria Production Solutions: Leading the Way in Nutraceutical Packaging

Peoria Production Solutions (PPS) stands at the forefront of addressing these trends and challenges with packaging solutions. With a deep understanding of the nutraceutical market’s unique needs, PPS offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions that cater to the evolving demands of the pet food industry. From advanced labeling and packaging options to custom packaging designs, PPS is equipped to handle the specific requirements of nutraceutical product packaging.

PPS’s commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of eco-friendly materials and processes, aligning with the industry’s shift towards greener packaging solutions. Moreover, PPS ensures that all packaging solutions adhere to the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance, offering peace of mind to manufacturers and consumers alike.

Innovation is at the heart of PPS’s approach, with experience in smart packaging technologies that enhance product integrity, consumer engagement, and brand trust. With over 80 years of experience, PPS has stood the test of time by continually improving by embracing evolving technology and packaging trends. By leveraging the latest advancements in packaging design and technology, PPS helps nutraceutical brands differentiate themselves in a competitive market while addressing the practical challenges of product preservation and regulatory adherence.

As the pet food nutraceutical industry continues to evolve, the role of packaging in ensuring product quality, safety, and sustainability has never been more critical.

Peoria Production Solutions is leading the charge, offering innovative packaging solutions that meet the industry’s current trends and challenges head-on. Whether you’re looking to enhance your product’s shelf appeal, improve its sustainability profile, or ensure regulatory compliance, PPS has the expertise and capabilities to support your packaging needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help elevate your nutraceutical packaging to the next level.

Nutraceuticals Labeling and Packaging Solutions

 Nutraceuticals Labeling and Packaging

Nutraceuticals is a market that is rapidly expanding, which in turn creates an increase in demand for labeling and packaging of nutraceutical products.

What Are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are classified as food supplements, products that are ingested to influence particular physiological body processes. Nutraceuticals solve a variety of nutritional deficiencies, and there is an increase in physicians prescribing them to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of consumers who are more willing to take them.

Dietary supplements, vitamins, and various foods and beverages are becoming a critical part of the health and wellness routines of many consumers. The Council For Responsible Nutrition, CRN, reports that 80% of American adults report using dietary supplements, which is the highest report issued to date.

Many factors contribute to this increase, such as an aging population and the rising costs of healthcare. Although the most prominent cause of the shift in lifestyle is attributed mainly to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying healthy is at the forefront of consumers’ minds now more than ever.

What Do Nutraceuticals Do?

Nutraceutical supplements aim to provide and improve many functions, such as:

  • Reduce the risk of degenerative diseases
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Prevent chronic diseases
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Support the body during and after physical activity
  • Regularize and improve gastrointestinal functions
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Improve a variety of physical functions

Types of Nutraceuticals

Nutraceutical products are typically categorized according to their pathology, such as:

  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Digestive and intestinal supplements
  • Circulatory system
  • Cough and respiratory system
  • Reproductive system and urology
  • Sleeping pills and sedatives
  • Weight loss
  • Other products

Nutraceutical Packaging Trends


Nutraceutical packaging often determines the safety and efficacy of functional foods, beverages, and dietary supplements. Valuable ingredients in nutraceuticals are vulnerable to contamination and breakdown without the proper packaging materials. Functional protection of products is a must for all nutraceutical types of packaging.

Sustainable packaging

Other emerging consumer trends with nutraceutical packaging include a desire or downright demand for recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. Sustainable packaging continues to increase in every market and is important when packaging nutraceuticals to meet consumer demands. A good majority of consumers are willing to pay more when packaging displays a company’s commitment to eco-friendly packaging.

Product safety and authentication

According to consumer studies, 79% of Americans have confidence in the nutraceuticals industry and trust the quality and safety of supplements. In spite of this, counterfeit products find their way into the industry. Unlike counterfeit clothing or jewelry, for example, fake nutraceuticals put the health and safety of consumers at risk. It is important for consumers to thoroughly read labels and examine the packaging for products that are ingested to ensure safety and legitimacy.

Leading brands today integrate tamper-evident features into their nutraceutical packaging or utilize labeling with easily identifiable brand recognition. Companies can help protect their products and consumers by using only reputable nutraceutical packaging companies and implementing ways to protect their brands from counterfeit schemes, such as using QR codes or digital watermarks.


Consumer convenience is always trending, and packaging nutraceuticals with options like single-serve packages that can be consumed on the go is appealing to many consumers and a great way to boost brand awareness. Many consumers pay more for convenient packaging. This gives companies ways to get creative, like offering variety packs where they can incorporate slower-moving products with longtime favorites to move inventory and reduce waste.

Nutraceutical Packaging Solutions

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is a leading contract packaging company offering nutraceutical packaging solutions for a variety of products. With more than 80 years of experience, we offer packaging solutions for a wide range of food and beverage and dietary supplements. We offer safe and efficient packaging for a variety of products, such as powder, cosmetics, tablets, capsules, and various forms of dietary supplements.

We utilize a skilled and thoroughly trained staff and automated equipment to provide auto bagging, bag filling, shrink wrapping, and secondary packaging, including point-of-purchase (POP) displays, blister packs, and more.

PPS is a leading contract packaging provider offering bagging, packing, packaging, repackaging, kitting, assembly, and many other production solutions. We follow strict quality policies as an ISO9001:2015 registered packaging company and competitive pricing as a fully sustainable not-for-profit organization. Contact us to learn how to improve your nutraceutical packaging process with an experienced contract packaging company.

Supplement Packaging Solutions

Supplement Packaging Solutions

The nutraceutical and dietary supplement industries are big business surpassing $81 billion in 2021 and expected to grow twofold through 2031 according to market research data. Growth is attributed to a significant increase in demand for alternative pharmaceutical products and a growing geriatric population. Nutraceutical and supplement companies understand that packaging plays a vital role in their ability to sell their products.

Why Supplement Packaging Is so Important

Packaging for vitamin and supplement products often determines whether a product will end up in a consumer’s shopping cart. This applies to both physical shopping carts in brick-and-mortar stores and online shopping carts when shopping digitally. The right type of supplement packaging attracts consumers and directly impacts a company’s success by performing three critical roles:

  • Attract – Company and product branding
  • Inform – Product information for consumers
  • Protect – Product protection

Company and product branding

Supplement packaging must be eye-catching and appealing to consumers to stand out in a highly competitive market. Packaging can promote your company’s core principles and relay to consumers at a glance why they should buy your product. Flexible packaging continues to increase in usage as companies reduce their carbon footprint and consumers demand more eco-friendly packaging solutions. Many materials and embellishments are available, and auto bag filling can provide efficient packaging cost savings. Companies can quickly communicate to consumers their important company information and brand, and environmental practices through packaging.

Product information for consumers

Supplement product information is valuable to consumers and should be easily visible on the supplement packaging. Key ingredients and benefits of the product can be quickly explained to consumers through supplement packaging, with many reasons why this product is superior to others. Attracting consumers through appealing and informational packaging is critical for supplement companies.

Supplement product protection through packaging

One of the main goals of supplement packaging is to protect the product inside, which means supplement packaging must perform dual roles of attracting customers while maintaining product freshness and quality. Supplement packaging must ensure that all contents reach the consumer in prime condition. Supplement packaging options today include a wide variety of materials and methods to protect and promote nutraceutical and supplement products.

Types of Supplement Packaging

Some of the types of supplement packaging used to protect products and appeal to consumers include flexible bags, cardboard blister packs which contain pills or capsules, foil blister packs, dry powder supplements packaged in pouches, bottles, or rigid containers, cartons, and a variety of flexible packaging materials. Working with an experienced contract packaging company can help you understand your options for packaging your nutraceutical or supplement products.

Packaging Requirements for Supplement Products

In order for supplement packaging to fully protect the products inside, they should contain barriers that prevent exposure to moisture and oxygen with resistance to extreme temperatures that could alter product quality or damage the product altogether.

In addition to providing product protection, supplement packaging should include childproof opening options to prevent accidental ingestion as well as spillproof functionality such as easy open pouches or bottles. Resealable options are important to consumers for convenience and help to maintain product integrity. Some supplement products should be offered in single-use, convenient pouches with easy tear openings for use during travel or on the go.

Supplement Packaging Considerations

Speak with an experienced nutraceutical and supplement packaging provider to learn more about your options, and consider the following factors for your supplement packaging needs:

  • The size of the product, whether pills, capsules, or gummies
  • Quantity of powder form that must be packaged
  • Ideal packaging type; bottle, bag, box, etc…
  • Weigh count or volumetric scale quantity verification methods
  • Quantity of product per package
  • Packaging/project volume needs
  • Labeling requirements
  • Number of units per shipping container

Supplement Packaging Provider

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing high-quality and cost-efficient contract packaging solutions to companies of all sizes for more than 80 years. We continually invest in our staff and resources, offering high-tech automated equipment and a dedicated team committed to quality work processes that meet all customer specifications in a variety of wrapping and packaging procedures.

PPS offers wrapping and packaging solutions, including secondary packaging, repackaging, auto bagging, bag filling, and a variety of flexible packaging solutions. Learn how outsourcing your packaging needs to a contract packaging company can improve your bottom line with improved quality and on-time deliveries. Contact us to learn more about improving your supplement packaging processes.