How to Choose the Best Kitting Company To Meet Your Needs

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Most manufacturers and companies recognize the value in outsourcing  kitting operations, freeing up their own space and focusing on their core operations rather than secondary kitting or assembly work that can be done more efficiently at an assembly house. It is important to understand what businesses should look for when finding the kitting company that […]

Meet Jessica Rosenbaum

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– Employee Highlight At three months old, Jessica Rosenbohm began to have a seizure disorder which caused some brain damage and developmental delays. In 1980, at eleven months old, her doctor, Robert Hart, introduced Jessica and her family to Easter Seals. The non-profit organization has served as an indispensable resource for individuals with disabilities and […]

electronic assembly

Why Subcontract Your Electronics Assembly?

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Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) or electronic contract manufacturing services (EMS) are the services offered by companies that manufacture, test, distribute and provide repair services.  These are companies specifically contracted to manufacture electronics and electronic components for the electronic industry. Many companies have moved towards outsourcing manufacturing and electronic assembly to cut costs and downsize. EMS […]

contract assembly definition

What is contract assembly?

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Contract assembly is an approach in which a firm hires an outside manufacturer to produce components or final products based on the original manufacturer’s design. Assembly contracts operate differently than typical manufacturers. Contract manufacturing combines semi-finished products to produce a final good or product. What industries utilize contract assembly?  Electronics The electronics industry uses private […]

Contract Assembly House for the Automotive Industry

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With over 1 billion drivers in the world, the automotive industry is constantly creating new products to keep up with the ever growing demand for vehicles. The high demand to keep up with competitors requires automakers to outsource products requiring assembled components to specific contract assembly house companies.  How Does a Contract Assembly House Work […]

Multi-Step Contract Assembly Quality Control

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As a third party registered to ISO9001:2015, Peoria Production Shop carefully inspects and ensures quality for their manufacturing clients. Contract assembly with multiple components requires the need for accurate material tracking and consistent quality control. There is a good chance that manufacturers will experience challenges when fulfilling custom orders such as precision design requirements, the […]

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Benefits of Outsourcing Contract Assembly

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Outsourcing contract assembly has been the answer for many companies when it comes to reducing operating costs. Subcontracting is a way for companies to compete with large competitors on sub assembly processes out of their niche, with profitable product development. Reduced Labor and Overhead Costs Labor costs are among the most outstanding costs for companies. […]

PPS Goes Solar!

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Peoria Production Shop is officially off the electrical grid! We are utilizing our large rooftop to support a 400 kilowatt solar array for the next 25 years. The global solar energy industry is expected to record 14% growth in 2020 compared to the total solar capacity installed in 2019. PPS has always been concerned with […]

Elizabeth Daily

CFO Beth Dailey is One of This Year’s 25 Women in Leadership

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Beth Dailey is named one of this year’s 25 Women in Leadership. Beth is an outstanding CFO and has superior knowledge of accounting and financial management. She is a lifelong learner who never misses an opportunity to enhance her skills for the company’s success and the lives of our employees.  Beth is an inspiration and […]