Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, provides point-of-purchase, POP display assembly services to effectively market your products at the retail level. With more than 80 years of experience in secondary production operations, we offer the skilled staff, equipment, and capacity to meet your display and assembly requirements accurately and on time.

POP Display Assembly

PPS provides POP display assembly services by assembling and securing completely finished bags, pouches, or similar items on hooks, stands, corrugated displays or other POP display types. We offer sources for retail displays and will ship out POP displays per our customer request such as to big box stores or major retail locations. PPS provides value added services such as utilizing our partners in the printing industry to supply die lot templates and design options to create, manufacture, and fully assemble POP displays. This alleviates the burden from our customer and allows for efficient production and assembly of POP displays to exact specifications, ready to showcase at end retail stores.

Peoria Production Solutions can take a simple idea and turn it into a beautiful display, to be your one-stop shop for secondary packaging services including point-of-purchase display assemblies.

Types of POP Display Assembly

There are many types of POP displays that PPS can help you design, assemble and package such as:

  • Club store displays
  • Counter displays
  • Floor displays
  • Half pallet and full pallet displays
  • Power Wing or sidekick displays
  • Gravity feed displays
  • PDQ trays, bins, or racks typically at a check-out counter

Various products across a wide range of industries can be featured with POP displays. You can find point-of-purchase displays from many industries such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Health and beauty
  • Consumer electronics
  • Hardware and tools
  • Educational material
  • Lawn and garden products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and beverage
  • Many other industries

POP Display Assembly Company

Peoria Production Solutions has been providing contract assembly and packaging solutions for over 80 years as a fully sustainable, not-for-profit company. Our mission is to provide jobs to alternate abled people with a dedication to providing job and life skills along with financial independence. Our modern facility provides the capacity and resources to set up customized workstations to meet your exact assembly and packaging needs.

We follow strict quality policies as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification with a focus on continual improvement and total customer satisfaction. Our Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, system provides a controlled flow of material with complete lot number traceability for full accountability of all customer supplied material. We focus on lean, streamlined practices for efficient display assembly processes and quick turnaround time. As a not-for-profit company focused on jobs rather than profits, we are in the unique position to be flexible with our customers to meet budgetary needs and offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

Whether you have a few or multiple SKUs, our team provides the POP display assembly services you need to get your product display ready quickly. Our team takes pride in a job well done and provides assembly and packaging services with meticulous attention to detail.

PPS is your one stop for secondary production operations including packaging, kitting, assembly, sewing and more. When you need secondary operations for your products, contact PPS for high-quality, competitive pricing and quick turnaround. Learn more about our many value-added services including POP display assembly.