Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, provides secondary packaging services to protect your products, showcase your goods, and increase your brand awareness. Our highly trained staff uses a wide variety of secondary packaging materials that enhance your products’ appearance and safety with meticulous attention to detail.

The Primary Functions of Secondary Packaging

Secondary packing differs from primary packaging in that the main purpose of secondary packaging materials is not specifically to touch the product itself or for shipping, but rather to provide additional layers of packaging materials, which could serve different purposes. The primary functions of secondary packaging are to:

  • Make your products display ready – provides product grouping and appealing display solutions.
  • Increase your branding – packaging materials can play a vital role in a company’s marketing strategy or when promoting a new product.
  • Provide added layers of protection – packaging materials that provide another barrier during shipping and handling protect your goods and prevent costly returns.

Companies put a lot of work into producing their products. Proper marketing and display are key in promoting your products, making them more user friendly with grouping that makes sense to consumers. Packaging materials that tout your logo are the first thing your customer sees when opening a package, staying front and center in the mind of your customers. Protecting your goods with added barriers of packaging materials is a smart investment. No one wants to receive products that are loose, broken or scratched in any way.

Secondary packaging prevents damage, returned goods and keeps your customers happy. At PPS, we recognize the importance of secondary packaging and hold our employees to a high standard of ensuring that we treat your products like our own with careful and conscientious secondary packaging services.

Types of Secondary Packaging

There are many different types of packaging solutions, and as a contract packager, Peoria Production Solutions offers all types of packaging services to a wide range of manufacturers and distributors. The three basic types of packaging include primary, secondary, and tertiary.

  • Primary packaging – the material that makes direct contact with your products, like the actual cans that beverages are stored in.
  • Secondary packaging – acts as a bumper with protective layers that are distinctly different from the primary packaging materials. In the above example, secondary packaging would be the outer cardboard 12-pack of soda that displays the company name, logo and eye-catching design that prompts a consumer to pick it up and put it in their cart.
  • Tertiary packaging – used for relocating or shipping large fulfillment orders and includes pallets and shrink wrapping, items that customers do not see.

Secondary packaging may be the first thing your customer sees and must be at the forefront of your packaging considerations.

Some of the most common types of secondary packaging materials include:

  • Club Packs – stores like Walmart and Costco display products in club packaging which may have requirements for date and lot code visibility.
  • Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays – includes various packaging materials including club packs which are designed to increase brand awareness and provide a positive shopping experience.
  • Clamshell Packaging – a one-piece container that opens on a hinge and comes together to close, can be made of various materials like plastic for see-through visibility, foam, or cardboard.
  • Gift Set Packaging – Custom packaging with various materials such as cello wrap, shredded paper in custom colors, inner boxes and labeling that set your products apart.
  • Variety Pack Packaging – a type of multi-packing that allows companies to showcase featured items in one complete package.
  • Sample Packs – a type of packing that allows manufacturers to introduce new products or promote their product offering.

PPS has experience with all these common types of secondary packaging and works with you to develop custom packaging solutions. We hold our employees to a high standard of quality performance, investing in training and automated equipment to provide the packaging solutions you need to meet your deliveries and quality expectations.

Secondary Packaging with High Quality Standards

Peoria Production Solutions follows a strict quality policy with top-down involvement in every process, including quality control tests for secondary packaging materials. We ensure that all incoming packaging materials meet your specifications, we track all inventory with lot code tracing and our Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, system for full accountability. Materials are inspected for the right thickness and dimensions, with quality control tools used for any identified critical dimensions to meet your requirements.

Experienced Secondary Packaging Supplier

With more than 80 years of experience in providing contract packaging solutions, PPS is a leader among secondary packaging suppliers. We differ from other packaging companies in our commitment to our staff and with our not-for-profit status, our focus is on jobs not profits. This gives us the unique ability to meet your requirements on a different level with customized packaging solutions.

Peoria Production Solutions is a leading packaging supplier, helping OEMs of all sizes to meet their shipping and distribution goals. We recognize the importance of quality secondary packaging services with a skilled staff and controlled processes. Contact us to learn more about our many packaging solutions including secondary packaging.