Empowering Employees For 80 Years

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Our History  In 1941, Dr. Maxim Pollak of the Peoria Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium founded Peoria Production Shop to provide temporary part-time employment for discharged tuberculosis patients until they were physically able to return to full time jobs. Dr. Pollak noticed that recovering Tuberculosis patients were having difficulty getting employed so he took out a $500 […]

Advantages and Disadvantages to Contract Assembly

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Contract assembly is used by companies all over the world. Outsourcing niche manufacturing services proves to have many advantages and disadvantages that companies can utilize to fit their specific needs. Outsourcing contract assembly provides many advantages to the original manufacturer such as: Advantages of Contract Assembly Maximize profits Outsourcing all secondary processes under one facility […]

Kitting and Assembly Solutions

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Kitting and assembly services provide many benefits to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as reducing internal assembly costs, improving quality, efficiency and profitability. Kitting is a fulfillment process that involves the combining of multiple SKUs into one component.   What are the Key Benefits of Kitting? Free Up Space Moving inventory and kitting services to […]

Amy Murk is our Employee of the Month!

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Amy joined the Peoria Production Shop (PPS) team 3 years ago. While Amy started as a shy and timid employee, she has since come out of her shell.   Amy currently works at our second facility coring, which is a manufacturing process used for assembly. Previously, she has worked with bottles and probes, packaging the […]

dock-to-stock efficiency

Does Product Kitting Reduce Dock-to-Stock Cycle Time?

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A shipment arrives at the warehouse dock and needs to be stocked. The processes used between dock and stock are important and can make a real difference in warehouse efficiency. The better a business can become at efficiency and accuracy, the more profitable and successful it will be product kitting, might be the answer you’re […]

automotive parts kitting

Why Kitting Process Matters

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Although kitting processes differ from one another, the core value and benefits are the same for all companies. Kitting increases product value and encourages repeat business. Manufacturers control production efficiency, storage space, and inventory control. General Kitting Process At Peoria Production Shop, we use Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to reduce non-value added activities from kitting […]

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization: Kitting Solutions

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Companies are always looking for competitive ways to meet and exceed client’s needs. Kitting, packaging, labeling, palletizing, reworking, and managing inventory are all ways that companies enhance supply chain optimization. Adding value to services helps companies to set themselves apart from the competition. They are ready for the supply process, ensuring continuous improvement and inventory […]

kitting process

What Is Kitting?

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The Definition of Kitting The kitting process takes multiple products with various SKUs and combines them into a single package, creating a new SKU for that completed kit before shipping. The Kitting Procedure The Kitting process is completed in a few steps. Receive an order for multiple products. If a customer orders multiple components, they […]

Contract Assembly in Manufacturing

What is Contract Assembly in Manufacturing?

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What is Manufacturing?  Manufacturing encompasses the process of turning raw materials into a finished product, with broad capabilities providing products to nearly every industry.  Consumer products cover a wide range of items from razors, to tools, household items and more.  Some companies manufacture consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets and  computers, while large original equipment […]

How Kitting In Manufacturing Increases the Bottom Line

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Kitting and assembly improves operational efficiencies, reducing bottlenecks, wasted time and space to improve productivity and profitability for manufacturers or order fulfillment companies.  Kitting in manufacturing entails assembling various products and components together into one unit for ease in further assembly or to develop a final product for sale. Peoria Production Shop has vast experience […]