Mission & History

The mission at Peoria Production Solutions is simple, to be the premier employer of individuals with disabilities.

Mission Driven for More Than 80 Years

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, began in 1941 with a mission to provide employment to people recovering from tuberculosis. Since incorporated in 1951 as a not-for-profit company, PPS has expanded our mission to provide employment, training, and encouragement to people with all disabilities to achieve financial and social independence in an environment that is respectful, encouraging, and safe.

PPS is a fully self-sustaining not-for-profit that focuses on achieving our mission by providing high-quality goods and services from a highly trained staff with exceptional abilities. Since our motivation is jobs instead of profits, we are in the unique position to be competitive on many levels with exceptional responsiveness to our customer needs.

Why It is Essential to Hire Individuals with Disabilities

Hiring people that are considered to be individuals with disabilities, the largest minority population, is extremely important and critical to our mission. This population of people consists of many individuals with exceptional skills and abilities, although they often experience a more than 50% unemployment rate. While many employers may be uncomfortable hiring employees from this population, PPS seeks and thrives on such hires.

Our employees come to work as their social network is here. They enjoy tremendous job satisfaction, and they know we operate a safe and respectful work environment. They enjoy working where they are one of many rather than standing out as a bagger at a grocery store. Here at PPS, they blend in. Most of our targeted employees receive Perfect Attendance, year-in and year-out.

Why It Is Important For Companies To Be Inclusive Of Alternative Abled People In Their Workforce

For PPS, our Mission is based on inclusivity. Many companies practice inclusivity as there is a societal need for doing so. Individuals with disabilities thrive in the workplace, especially if you focus on their abilities and what they can do well.  Finding their strength, whether that be weighing, counting, or packaging, everyone has a strength and ability.

Finding that strength is key.

Unfortunately, many for-profit companies are missing an opportunity to expand their hiring beyond fully able individuals. At PPS, we enjoy a low turnover rate of 3% from a loyal staff.

The PPS Mission: Adding Value to our Business Model and Employee Quality of Life

Our mission is the heart of our entire business model. Providing gainful employment to people with alternate abilities brings the employee self-esteem, independence, and a routine they can follow. Change is difficult for most people but even harder for individuals with disabilities. We provide ongoing encouragement and training for employee development and high-quality service.

We succeed when our customers succeed. Our unique business model allows PPS to provide competitive wages and benefits for our staff while offering lower prices without sacrificing high quality and service.

PPS follows a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration. We have been providing high-quality contract packaging, assembly, and more for over 80 years. Contact us with any questions about meeting your secondary production or packaging needs from a highly skilled staff providing world-class service.