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IDHS Employer of the Year 2021










Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) awards Peoria Production Solutions the Employer of the Year award. The agency strives to be the state leader in assisting customers with employment that allows them to support themselves and their families.

In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), the agency is sponsoring an employer recognition event in October. PPS was nominated and selected as the winner in one of the three categories.

CWTC Pathway Award: Employer of the Year

Peoria Production Solutions received the 2021 Employer of the Year award at the annual CWTC Pathway Awards Dinner. The evening celebrated the accomplishments of adults with disabilities. 

The Community Workshop and Training Center Inc. is a not-for-profit organization. CWTC provides programs and services to adults with disabilities in three areas: community service, employment services, and community integration. 

Since 1960, CWTC has been serving adults with disabilities with dignity and respect. Peoria Production Solutions receives this award for the first time in the organization’s history.

“I am surprised and honored to be recognized as a partner of the CWTC employee program. CWTC was the first agency to reach out to us. They have continued to be supportive and help as we continue our path to success” Pamela Creager, Director of Human Resources said. 

Employee of the Year and Champion of the Mission Award Winners

Steffenie Maxwell and Joy Kelly

Peoria Production Solutions is proud to announce our employee of the year and champion of the mission award winners.

Congratulations to Steffenie Maxwell. She is the recipient of our employee of the year award.

The employee of the year award was set up by our former President, Leo Green’s wife. Each year, our management team reviews the employees of the month and selects one as the employee of the year.

Steffenie has worked for PPS since December of 2013. She flew under the radar for a while but once PPS challenged her, we k

nd for our employees.

new that she was capable of more. Steffenie currently works as a trainer for Peoria Production Solutions. She assists in the computer system for inventory.

Steffenie has blossomed like a flower as she grows personally and professionally. She has truly mastered the work and become an asset to the company.

Congratulations to Joy Kelly. She is the recipient of our champion of the mission award. 

Peoria Production Solutions is proud to have Joy as our first ever champion of the mission. Joy is someone who goes above and beyo

Joy has been with PPS since June of 2019. She has contributed greatly to the company’s mission to be the premier employer of individuals with disabilities.

Joy always lends a helping hand to anyone in need. She motivates, works with our employees, and truly believes everyone is successful.

Peoria Production Solutions is extremely grateful to have Steffenie and Joy on our team. We are extremely proud of their work at PPS.

2021 Easter Seals’ Terry Rudd Volunteer of the Year Winner

Jessica Rosenbaum

Congratulations to Jessica Rosenbaum! During Easter Seals Community Rally week Jessica was awarded as the Terry Rudd Volunteer of the Year. 

 In 2015, Jessica began a letter writing campaign to obtain funds during the Telethon and continues to do so. Since starting that fundraiser, Jessica has raised $48,000 for Easter Seals. 

This year, Jessica was able to raise $5,100 for Easter Seals to give back to the community that has helped her and many others over the years.

25 Women in Leadership

Elizabeth Dailey

Beth Dailey is named one of this year’s 25 Women in Leadership. Beth is an outstanding CFO and has superior knowledge of accounting and financial management. She is a lifelong learner who never misses an opportunity to enhance her skills for the company’s success and the lives of our employees. 

Beth is an inspiration and role model for her four children, the community she serves, and the 175 employees of Peoria Production Solutions. She is an inspiration as she juggles a demanding job, family commitments, and community volunteer activities. 

She is truly a servant leader in everything she does. She has embraced our mission of serving individuals with disabilities and is always looking for opportunities to improve their lives. 

For the past several years, Beth has partnered with METEC to provide hundreds of onsite free tax returns for our past and present employees and EPIC employees. She also completed tax returns for immediate and extended family members of EPIC and PPS employees. She has coordinated PPS volunteers, as well as other tax professionals to provide onsite tax returns saving thousands of dollars for our employees and others.

In addition to completing over a hundred tax returns every season, while doing her very demanding job at the same time, she also prepares free tax returns on the weekends at METEC and in her hometown of Canton. 

Beth’s way of serving has rubbed off on her employees. They will keep their ears open for employees who may be struggling and problem-solve to help them along the way.

On any given day, Beth may communicate with the IRS for an employee in trouble and another she will make arrangements for weekly deductions so an employee’s rent will get paid on time. Her staff volunteers to help with employee needs and are always willing to help in other departments as needed, just as she does.

Where there are difficult decisions to be made, her first statement will be, “Is this what is best for our employees?” This has been particularly evident as we have tackled the business issues that have come from dealing with the pandemic we are facing.