The nutraceutical market continues to grow as demand increases for dietary supplements, vitamins, and food and beverage items, and nutraceutical packaging solutions must evolve with demand. Peoria Production Solutions is a leader among nutraceutical packaging companies, offering many options for customized packaging solutions for all types of nutraceutical products.

Nutraceutical Packaging Companies

Nutraceutical packaging companies must provide unique packaging solutions for a variety of products with compelling and effective packaging that meets consumer expectations as well as company requirements. Nutraceutical companies need cost-effective packaging solutions that meet their delivery goals with packaging that enhances product credibility and portrays a perceived message of wellness and value.

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, meets packaging requirements for a wide range of nutraceutical products. Whether packaging powder, capsules, tablets, cosmetics, or dietary supplements in various forms, PPS has the resources and the experience to deliver high-quality packaging for nutraceuticals that stand out from the competition.

Packaging Of Nutraceuticals

The nutraceutical market is rapidly growing and requires innovative packaging of nutraceuticals with options such as flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, and shrink wrapping. Packaging for nutraceuticals must meet all consumer expectations with appealing aesthetics, brand messaging, and product protection to maintain product integrity and quality. Nutraceutical packaging gives brands an opportunity to portray their core messages, such as their commitment to sustainable operations, the use of quality raw materials, and corporate missions and goals, as well as enhancing brand awareness.

There are many types of nutraceutical products, such as:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Medicinal foods
  • Vitamins
  • Personal care and beauty items
  • Pet care products
  • Functional foods and beverages
  • Supplements in pill and powder form

These are some examples of nutraceutical products that require high-quality, attractive packaging that ultimately protects products for prolonged freshness. Speaking with an experienced nutraceutical contract packaging company can help brands to understand their many options with quality packaging that delivers on all fronts, including consumer appeal and product protection, as well as value-added properties such as tamper evidence, personalization, and recyclability.

Flexible Packaging for Nutraceutical Products

Flexible packaging continues to increase across many market segments due to the many advantages provided by lightweight construction and ease of use. Flexible packaging includes specialty bags and premade pouches which hold a predetermined quantity for a perfect fit with less packaging waste and better product protection than other packaging methods. Flexible packaging is ideal for many nutraceutical products and provides many benefits to companies and consumers alike.

Increasing the use of flexible packaging allows companies to make a statement about their commitment to sustainable operations as more consumers demand eco-friendly operations in all their purchasing decisions. Flexible packaging reduces waste and a company’s carbon footprint while providing a host of benefits to many industries, which include:

  • Reduced waste – with less packaging waste in pouches, bags, and sleeves, there is less waste to end up in landfills, and many flexible packaging materials are recyclable.
  • Recyclability and sustainability – most flexible packaging materials are recyclable to improve sustainability goals for many companies.
  • Fewer transportation expenses – by stacking and shrink-wrapping numerous bags on pallets without wasted space in corrugated boxes, for example, more products can be shipped with each truckload. This reduces the number of shipments required to move the same amount of product.
  • Consumer convenience – many flexible packaging products include easy opening and resealable zipper bags for consumer convenience and may include tamper-resistant technology.
  • Provides superior product protection – many flexible packaging materials include quality laminates, foils, and materials that eliminate the risk of product contamination from moisture or oxygen, with tear-resistant bags and quality material designed to withstand impact during shipping and typical consumer use. Flexible packaging for nutraceutical materials provides easier shipping without the risk of breaking while maintaining product quality and integrity.

PPS offers nutraceutical packaging solutions with automated equipment, a dedicated staff, and experience in working with many flexible packaging materials and nutraceutical products.

Nutraceutical Packaging Solutions

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, provides nutraceutical packaging solutions with more than 80 years of experience in meeting customer specifications with customized packaging solutions. PPS offers easy collaboration to take your project from conceptualization through execution with high-quality, cost-efficient packaging, kitting, wrapping, palletizing, and shipping of all types of products.

We utilize high-quality, automated equipment such as shrink wrap packaging equipment, shrink tunnels, L sealers, combined with a highly trained staff dedicated to total customer satisfaction. We offer bag filling and auto bagging with quality, automated equipment to accurately package nutraceuticals in specialty bags, pouches, standup pouches, sachets, stick packs, and more. We offer packaging solutions with club packs, blister packs, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, gift pack packaging, folding cartons, and other packaging processes.

PPS partners with our clients and adds value to any supply chain as an ISO9001:2015 registered contract packaging company. We offer more than 80 years of experience and extensive knowledge in all types of packaging materials, technology, and processes. Contact us to learn how to improve your packaging with a recognized leading nutraceutical packaging company.