Kitting is a process that provides solutions to a wide range of industries and sectors that rely on kits to streamline their manufacturing and fulfillment processes. Companies in many industries use kitting to improve internal operations or to satisfy customer demands.

Advantages of Kitting Realized in Endless Industries

Kitting can be found in such a wide range of industries and applications we simply cannot list them all, although some of the most common examples of how kitting benefits companies can be found in the following industries:

  • Automotive – automotive manufacturers rely on maintenance kits ready when they need them to conduct maintenance or repairs, service engines, transmissions, and critical components. Kits with easy access to the tools and parts needed significantly improve maintenance and production efficiency. Kitting provides organizational benefits to streamline a variety of automotive production processes.
  • Aerospace – Kitting helps to improve strict quality control and high-stakes industries like aerospace and aeronautics. Kits with parts that have passed quality control and are ready when needed support efficiency and safety.
  • Defense – military and defense operations rely on a broad range of kits with tools, mission-specific products, and equipment packages ready when needed.
  • Oil and gas – the oil and gas market utilizes kits containing repair and replacement parts, seals, sealing compounds, and critical components to support safe and efficient processes in the field.
  • Medical devices – manufacturers of medical devices require kitting when different devices are required to be assembled for the end user, whether for a hospital supply room, operating room, or customized to a specific patient.
  • Furniture and appliances, light fixtures – kitting provides solutions for various furniture and appliance and light fixture products. Combining products for replacement parts or custom lighting solutions improves branding and customer satisfaction.
  • Paper Goods, Sales, and marketing – kitting large quantities of paper products for brochures, sales and marketing, promotional materials, training programs, and more can be time-consuming for large companies to perform in-house. Third-party, contract kitting companies have been providing solutions for paper goods and marketing materials for decades.
  • Toys – kitting is a huge part of the toy industry, where many products must be organized and sold as a set. Many toys are packaged together in ready-to-ship kits, such as Lego products, model airplanes, board games, Barbie accessories, and more. Toy companies improve internal efficiencies and reduce errors when multiple elements are combined into a single kit to speed up the picking, packing, and shipping process with accuracy.
  • We often take for granted the kitting that is involved in the many products that we purchase. Making sure that consumers have what they need when they need them and having everything packaged for convenience and appeal is always on the mind of the manufacturer or the brand. When companies work with an experienced contract kitting and assembly provider, they can realize many benefits internally and with improved customer satisfaction.

    PPS: Delivering Decades of Kitting and Assembly Services

    Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been a leader in providing kitting and assembly services for more than 80 years. We offer high-quality, cost-efficient kitting solutions to companies in all industries of all sizes. We offer vast experience in a wide range of kitting products from small to midsize companies to some of the largest Fortune 100 OEMs in the country.

    PPS differs from other kitting providers in our commitment to employees, dedicated staff, and low turnover. As a fully sustainable not-for-profit organization, we offer the flexibility to customize your kitting and assembly requirements to meet your production and budgetary needs. Our focus is on providing sustainable employment to our staff rather than profit and on continual improvement with training programs and strict quality policies.

    PPS is a leading Midwest supplier of secondary production solutions, including kitting assembly, packaging, electronic kitting, and more. We utilize automated equipment, a skilled trained staff and adhere to strict quality procedures as an ISO9001:2015 certified kitting provider. Contact us to learn how to improve your kitting processes with an experienced contract kitting and assembly provider.

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