Kitting AssemblyKitting is the process of taking various parts, multiple SKUs, and combining them to create one new SKU.  Kitting is used in warehousing, manufacturing, and order fulfillment to assemble individual parts or components into a ready made kit of items that are used together or sold together. There are different types of kitting and assembly, and companies typically gain efficiency, cost-savings, or promote new items by kitting.

Companies searching for kitting or assembly services should first determine exactly which type of kitting operations would best suit their needs.

The Different Types of Kitting Services 

There are different types of kitting and assembly services, and companies should know all of their options to determine the type of kitting that will provide the greatest value. Speaking with an experienced contract kitting and assembly company can help manufacturers to determine the most cost-efficient solution. Some of the various types of kitting and assembly services include:

  • Pre-Kitting
  • Product Kitting
  • Just-in-Time Kitting
  • Material Kitting

Pre-Kitting Services 

Pre-kitting is used to save time, where items are pre-kitted following a production process and then transported to the next staging area or a third-party logistics (3PL) provider as a kit to save time. This way, the operator at the next staging area can select one single kit to use for their next process rather than picking and packing at once. Pre-kitting should be designed to save time and improve efficient operations by packing particular items quickly, ahead of time.

Product Kitting 

Product kitting includes compiling particular product together, combining multiple SKUs to create one new, single SKU. Product kitting is performed in many different industries and applications such as cosmetic kits that include lip, eye, and face makeup of a particular range of shades along with application brushes to provide a complete set. Other examples include art supplies, clothing, baby items, hardware, health and fitness products and more. Subscription services rely on product kitting to give consumers what they want, when they want it.

Just-In-Time Kitting 

Just-in-time (JIT) kitting are processes performed typically in a warehouse or at a contract kitting and assembly provider’s facility, where items are received, kitted, and assembled quickly and shipped back to the warehouse or manufacturer in a timely fashion.  Some of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the country practice JIT delivery to keep inventory low and rely on kitting providers to provide quick, on-time delivery.

Material Kitting

Material kitting in manufacturing involves assembling components and raw materials to increase assembly efficiency. Material kitting allows for customized assembly services and provides another layer of quality inspection to help eliminate errors. Material kitting differs from other types of kitting and assembly and that it is not meant to be the final packaging available to the consumer. Material kitting can be done ahead of time for products that need to go to another stage or to inventory, as opposed to just-in-time kitting which is performed as needed.

In order to determine the best type of kitting and assembly for your process, consult with an experienced contract kitting provider.

PPS Provides Value-Added Kitting and Assembly

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, offers more than 80 years of experience in contract kitting and assembly as well as many other value added services. PPS follows strict quality policies as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration, we invest in our employees with training and development, cross training, lean practices, and more. As a fully self-sustainable not-for-profit company, we offer the unique ability to focus on jobs rather than profits, giving our customers the greatest value possible.

PPS is a leading contract kitting assembly provider, providing production solutions to some of the largest Fortune 100 companies in the nation. We offer decades of experience, a skilled and dedicated staff, and vast resources including automated equipment to meet your kitting and assembly needs. Contact us to learn more about the type of kitting that would most benefit you and for the most cost-efficient kitting and assembly solutions.

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