Kitting for Automotive Parts

Kitting is a very important process that improves efficient assembly and inventory management in many manufacturing applications. Kitting provides many benefits when a small number of components are needed to create an assembled product or for specific made-to-order items that are customized by consumers.

Kitting Versus Subassembly: Not the Same Thing

Kitting and subassembly are two terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, although they are two different processes. Kitting is often performed prior to a subassembly process, where the numerous parts that are needed for the subassembly are provided into a convenient kit, helping to aid the efficiency of the next process. This is sub-assembled component is then often transferred on down the line to the next step in the production process to be assembled onto yet another larger piece or the final product.

This is a very common practice in automotive manufacturing facilities, where several subassemblies must be produced prior to installation into a final automobile. Even before the advent of smarter, electric vehicles, computer chips, and computer-driven technology had become an important component of automobiles. Electronic kit assembly provides many efficiencies in automobile manufacturing as well as other production processes.

Kitting in Automobile Manufacturing: In-House and Outsourced

Kitting in manufacturing can be performed in-house in a manufacturing facility, in a different location or right next to the assembly line where an assembled component is needed. This requires the automotive company to set up a kitting location and pay workers to perform the job. Some companies have realized many benefits by outsourcing kitting to an experienced company that provides electronics kitting services.

Kitting in manufacturing makes sensewhen many components must be assembled to create a new subassembly, kitting also makes sense when manufacturers have limited floor space for conducting kitting operations. Kitting of any type of components including electronic parts provides many benefits for the operator to have exactly what they need when they need it, and outsourcing benefits the company with efficient delivery of kits ready for their production line.

Kitting in automobile manufacturing is a common practice when many assemblies must come together to create one new vehicle. Kitting benefits the production of various automobile assemblies such as:

  • Steering wheel assembly
  • Dashboard
  • Seats
  • Speakers
  • Trim
  • Upholstery
  • Mechanical components (brakes, throttle bodies, etc)
  • Doors and windows and all the buttons and knobs that go in them

Kitting helps to speed up the assembly of these types of components and is important in the automotive industry for efficiency and inventory management.

Benefits of Outsourcing Kitting in the Automotive Industry

Optimizing capacity, storage, and manufacturing space
Outsourcing kitting processes provides many valuable benefits to automotive OEMs because they can free up their own floorspace to focus on their niche manufacturing, perhaps even install new assembly lines, without dedicating space and labor to assembling kits.

Improved inventory management
Most automotive OEMs practice just-in-time (JIT) inventory management for efficient inventory turnover which significantly reduces costs and improves financial health. Just-in-time delivery of kitting components helps to keep automotive assembly lines running efficiently, without the need for massive floor space to store numerous parts and components.

Improve productivity and profitability
Working with an experienced contract kitting provider and one with experience in electronics kitting services can drastically improve OEM’s productivity and profitability

PPS Offers Quality and Experienced Kitting and Electronic Kitting Services

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is an experienced contract kitting company with more than 80 years as an industry leader providing kitting, electronic kitting, assembly, and other secondary production services. We partner with our customers to customize kitting and assembly needs processes to meet their needs with high-quality products delivered on time. As a fully sustainable not-for-profit company, PPS succeeds only when our customers succeed, PPS is in the unique position to deliver high-quality at the most affordable costs in the industry.

PPS is a leading industry provider of kitting and electronic kitting services, providing on-time delivery of high-quality products with full lot code tracking for complete accountability. We provide kitting services as a valued supplier to some of the largest Fortune 100 manufacturers in the country and improve efficiencies for small to midsize companies. Contact us to learn more about improving your manufacturing process with efficient and cost-effective kitting and electronic kitting services.

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