Palletizing Polyester Strapping Or Steel Strapping (1) Palletizing products is the common method of placing boxes of parts, products, or even heavy machinery and equipment onto a skid and wrapping tightly to ship securely. Palletizing allows for trucking and shipping companies to easily maneuver large amounts of product with a forklift and provides for an efficient method of shipping large quantities of goods. Typically, corrugated boxes, even plastic totes or heavy steel machinery and equipment is set on top a skid and secured with strapping or a shrink-wrapping type of material.

Companies planning to palletize and ship large amounts of good should determine the best way to secure all goods including the right type of strapping to use. The most common types of straps used in palletizing are polyester or steel.

Which Type of Strapping Is Right for Your Palletizing Needs 

Polyester Strapping 

One of the most common types of strapping used to secure goods on pallets is polyester (PET) strapping. Polyester strapping is used to secure many types of products and packaging including pallets of food and beverage, metal, timber, cinderblocks, corrugated boxes, and more. Polyester strapping provides superb load containment for long periods of time with high tension and less elongation than other types of strapping.

PET strapping is almost always produced from recycled materials and provides a higher tensile strength than steel strapping. This is important for shipments that travel a long distance or encounter many stops along the way.

Steel Strapping 

Steel strapping is produced from multiple layers of a steel alloy and features a high tensile strength although less than the polyester strapping. Steel strapping does, however, boast a higher break strength than all strapping materials. Steel strapping may provide the best load containment for heavier steel items such as industrial machinery and equipment or for items that have sharp corners or edges.

The rigidity of steel strapping make it a popular choice for shipping loads that do not settle at all during transportation as it will not lose its shape. The rigidity of steel strapping may not be the best choice for products such as timber that may expand and settle based on the weather and humidity level encountered during shipping. This can cause load loosening which could be very dangerous or could damage the product. When steel strapping is bent, it loses a significant amount of its strength.

It is worthwhile for companies to speak to an experienced palletizing company to choose the right type of strapping to secure their goods.

PPS Provides Experienced Palletizing Services

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing high-quality contract packaging, kitting, assembly, and other secondary production solutions including palletizing for more than 80 years. We offer experience in palletizing a wide variety of products for secure shipping from one of our 17 shipping and receiving bays. PPS is recognized as a leading secondary production, solutions provider, helping our customers to meet assembly, packaging, and shipping needs.

PPS offers packaging and palletizing services including stretch wrapping, heat shrinking, packaging and repackaging in corrugated or chipboard containers. We provide high quality production solutions with meticulous attention to detail. Contact us to learn more about our many production solutions including quality palletizing with decades of experience.

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