Brand Packaging

Why Are Brands Spending More On Packaging?

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  As reported in several articles published by the Flexible Packaging Association, consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands have steadily increased over recent years and continue to grow. 65% of CPG brand owners anticipate increasing spending during 2022 and 2023 and also plan to increase spending on packaging. While just about every supply chain has been […]

Single Part Packaging & Kitting

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Packaging and kitting products is a process performed to promote convenience and efficient operations. Manufacturers and Retailers Benefit from Kitting Manufacturers often kit products together such as raw materials needed for an assembly process so all items are conveniently located and foster lean manufacturing practices. This ensures that employees have all materials necessary at the […]

Are You Over Packaging Your Products?

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  There is a big difference between over packaging and under packaging products, and somewhere in the middle is the perfect balance with an optimized packaged item. Depending on who you talk to, about half of consumers consider that the packages they receive are overpackaged. This happens when a small item is placed in a […]

Kitting For Trade Schools

Complete Guide to Kitting For Trade Schools

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  While most students are enjoying the summer, schools, colleges, and trade schools are preparing to get busy again in August. A trade school, also known as a technical, career, or vocational school, provides students with hands-on training in the skills they will need for a particular field. Trade schools are designed to prepare their […]

Countertop POP Display

Top 5 Tips For A Successful Countertop POP Display

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Countertop point-of-purchase (POP) displays provide a strategic method to sell products to consumers mostly as a spontaneous, last-minute purchase. We are all familiar with the impulse buys we make while standing in the checkout line at grocery stores, clothing stores, or just about any retail store. To create a successful countertop POP display that catches […]

Types of Blister Packs

Not All Blister Packs Are Created Equal

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A blister pack is a type of packaging with a preformed clear plastic bubble, or blister, that is attached to a type of backing like a paperboard. The bubble can be pre-cut or custom formed to the shape of a product, to show visibility of the product inside while still encasing and protecting the item. […]

Club Store Packaging solutions

How To Approach Club Store Packaging

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Club stores like Costco and Sam’s Club are popular for many reasons, consumers can purchase common products in bulk quantities for usually less than if items were purchased separately at a retail store. Most club stores are nothing fancy and consist of gray cement floors, high ceilings and rows and rows of pallets with products […]

commercial packaging material

Why Is Dunnage Important?

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Dunnage is a term that is common in the packaging and shipping industry and refers to a variety of materials that protect the main products being packaged or shipped. There are many types of dunnage material and many benefits dunnage provides, especially when choosing the right type of dunnage. An experienced contract packaging company can […]

cold and hot seal packaging

Heat Seal or Cold Seal Packing: Which to Choose


The flexible packaging industry continues to increase as the need for packaging of products is one of the most vital components in fast-moving market sectors such as food and beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and more. Packaging preserves and protects products and also provides valuable communication and marketing for companies and their brands. Flexible packaging is […]

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Packaging

What’s the Difference Between Eco-friendly and Sustainable Packaging?

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We hear the terms frequently, eco-friendly and sustainable. Consumers increasingly want to purchase eco-friendly materials and companies are touting their sustainable practices. But do you know exactly what these terms mean? At times they seem almost interchangeable although there are some differences in the exact meanings that you should be aware of.  Eco-Friendly Vs. Sustainable  […]