Contract PackagingAs 2021 came to a close and businesses started preparing for the new year, many companies want to know about new packaging trends for 2022. The global pandemic that began in early 2020 has changed the way that companies across many industries operate their business. Businesses today have new considerations that they did not have a couple of years ago such as how to manage new, internal work processes to keep products and employees safe and how to meet consumer demands with a disrupted supply chain.

Producing the same products can now cost companies more in order to address these challenges and then companies have to consider how to get their products on the market in the midst of a changing consumer landscape.  Packaging and distribution is a huge part of manufacturing and production for any industry. Getting your goods to your destination, whether shipping e-commerce and delivering directly to consumers or stocking shelves at big box stores, might take a little more planning than before.

Businesses are looking to address these challenges with packaging trends for 2022 such as:

  • Contract packaging companies
  • Automated packaging processes
  • Transparent packaging
  • Packaging designed for e-commerce as well as stock shelves

Contract Packaging 

Right now, many businesses are just concerned with keeping their assembly lines running. Whether due to a short staff or short supply, companies are restructuring and focusing on their core or niche manufacturing and how to stay profitable. An experienced contract packaging company like Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, offers just the solution many businesses need with affordable, timely, and high-quality contract packaging services.

Automated Packaging 

Packaging automation is another trend that is helping companies to address the tight labor market. Incorporating automated packaging equipment and technologies helps to meet delivery demands and promotes a safer environment that helps reduce the spread of disease. PPS utilizes automated packaging equipment whenever possible such as auto filling and bagging equipment, digitized scales, and labeling, used in conjunction with our automated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Our ERP system provides automated tracking of all customer supplied and packaging materials with full lot number traceability for complete accountability. Our modern, state-of-the-art facility provides the capacity needed to set up customized packaging processes to meet our customer needs with high quality, efficient contract packaging.

Transparent Packaging 

Transparent packaging is a new trend that is becoming popular with consumers. Transparent, flexible pouches that feature a window give consumers a chance to see what is inside without opening the package. Transparent flexible packaging can be used in many different industries like the food industry for example to package baked goods including rolls and bread. Polybags are nice to protect magazines, mailers, and products like pillows and bedding. Whatever companies are selling, transparent packaging is a popular trend that is here to stay.

Packaging Designed for E-Commerce and Stock Shelves 

With the change in the consumer landscape such as the increase in online ordering and e-commerce delivery, packaging today needs to do double duty. Packaging trends include designs that catch the consumer’s eye on a stock shelves and hold up to direct shipping and delivery. Some companies are getting creative with the less is more attitude, using large fonts, single and simple colors with direct marketing.

PPS offers the staff, equipment, the capacity, and experience to meet your contract packaging needs and incorporate the latest packaging trends.  We offer a range of wrapping and packaging services including auto bagging, bag filling, bottle labeling, flexible packaging, palletizing services and more. Contact us to improve your supply chain with an experienced contract packaging company utilizing the latest technology to meet all the 2022 packaging trends.

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