Inclusive LabelingMany brands follow the rules when it comes to labeling, particularly regarding safety warnings and nutritional values of food, etc. When it comes to inclusivity, while many companies have taken great strides, there is still a lot of room for improvement. People with disabilities are the world’s largest minority, according to the United Nations, yet when it comes to regulatory standards regarding inclusivity, particularly about obtaining information, this large segment of the consumer base is poorly represented.

Inclusive Labeling Attracts, Informs, and Accommodates 

Companies do everything they can to increase brand awareness from revamping packaging with attractive colors, font styles, and textures, although more businesses are aiming to accommodate as well as attract and inform consumers. Take the food industry, for example, mandatory information is required regarding ingredients and nutritional value with a minimum font size, yet these standards will not do much for those with limited or failing eyesight and will do nothing for the blind population.

Some brands are finding innovative ways to enhance the in-store shopping experience as well as day-to-day usability of various products for the vision impaired.

Improving Inclusivity for the Vision Impaired 

Basic compliance standards do not represent the social responsibility of a company or the real value to consumers.  Some companies like Procter & Gamble have started to include tactile markers on their bottling for those that read braille. Understanding the context in how products are used can help companies to improve their inclusivity.

For example, someone with vision loss may line up assistance to have someone shop with them to read labels or tell the difference between a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. But who is going to help this person in the shower when they need to distinguish between two different similar bottles? Inclusive labeling to meet the context of product use can go a long way to improve a company’s brand awareness and social responsibility.

Some ways that companies are improving their packaging to be more inclusive particularly to the vision impaired population include:

Braille Labeling 

Since the invention of braille in 1829 by Louis Braille, this tactile writing system has provided a means for countless people with blindness and visual impairments to be able to read books, music, signs, and mathematical equations. In Europe, braille is required to be included on pharmaceutical packaging, although this is not required in the U.S. Braille can make a big difference to a large population of people whether consumers shopping in a store or navigating various bottles of products and medications in their own home.

Larger Print 

Larger print on labeling can help those with a visual impairment and a clean, unadorned font such as Arial is a good choice. Font size should be 16 point when possible with adequate spacing between letters and lines of text. Light text on a darker background is sometimes easier to read. Avoiding italics, or fancy lettering can help the visually impaired to feel more included as a consumer.

Whatever type of packaging your company incorporates to improve your inclusivity measures, Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, applauds you and offers contract packaging services customized to your specific requirements.

PPS Practices Inclusivity on a Daily Basis

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is a not for profit contract packaging company offering secondary packaging services including wrapping, packing, and labeling. We offer more than 80 years of expertise in providing high quality, production solutions for some of the largest corporations and Fortune 100 companies in America. We started as a not for profit company employing individuals recovering from tuberculosis, and have grown to be a fully sustainable, ISO9001:2015 registered company employing individuals with disabilities.

Our team comes to work every day with a can-do attitude, and a dedication to a job well done. We provide a wide range of services requiring meticulous attention to detail and invest in continual training and automated equipment. With exceptionally low employee turnover, we enjoy a dedicated team committed to high quality and total customer satisfaction. As our mission is providing jobs not profits, we offer unique flexibility to meet our customer needs with high quality services that meet your budget.

PPS is a leading contract packaging services company located conveniently in the Midwest with the resources, capacity, and skilled staff to meet your unique packaging requirements. We believe in inclusivity for all, providing equal opportunities for all people with alternate abilities. Contact us to learn more about improving your inclusivity labeling for greater brand awareness and social responsibility.

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