Types of Blister PacksA blister pack is a type of packaging with a preformed clear plastic bubble, or blister, that is attached to a type of backing like a paperboard. The bubble can be pre-cut or custom formed to the shape of a product, to show visibility of the product inside while still encasing and protecting the item.

Think about those glade refill packages we see hanging at the grocery store, or countless other items that are packaged in blister packs.

Where Are Blister Packs Used?

Blister packs are used in a wide range of industries to package just about any type of small to medium-sized product such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pills and lozenges
  • Supplements
  • Hardware items like screws and nails
  • Health and beauty products like razors
  • Cosmetics
  • Craft supplies
  • Toys
  • Food items

Blister packs are used to package and showcase these many products and others. Blister packaging is not ideal for all products, and provides the most benefits in the following situations:

  • When small products must be contained, protected and organized
  • When increased visibility for branding is desired
  • When an additional security and theft deterrence is required
  • When companies are looking for a sustainable and affordable option

Types of Blister Packs

There are different types of blister packs that provide different benefits depending on a product’s need.  Not all blister packs are created equal, the type of product being packaged, the shipping and retail sale needs will dictate the type of blister pack required. The most common types of blister packs are:

  • Full face blister pack
  • Standing blister pack
  • Combo blister packs
  • Footed blister packs
  • Trapped or fold-over blister pack 

Depending on the type of plastic film used to create the blister, some blister packs may provide UV protection to the product inside, humidity control, or tamper-resistant packaging solutions.

Considerations for Blister Pack Design

There are many considerations when choosing your blister pack design such as:

  • Product shape
  • Type of blister needed
  • Type of paperboard
  • Ceiling
  • Printing
  • Branding
  • Type of paperboard 

Types of Paperboard for Blister Packs 

Choosing the paperboard to attach with your blister pack is a big decision as different types of paperboard can affect the appearance and quality of your packaging. Some paperboard, for example, may accept printed ink better than other types of paperboard for branding purposes, while some may be stronger and sturdier than others when security is required. Remembering the most important considerations for blister pack design will help you to choose the right type of materials for your product packaging.

The paperboard backing is an important component of blister packaging and is available in different material types such as:

  • Clay coated board (C1S and C2S)
  • Chipboard
  • Tear resistant board
  • Laminated board
  • Recycled paperboard
  • Solid bleached sulfate (SBS)

Clay coated board, solid bleached sulfate, and recycled paperboard are quite popular blister pack materials. Clay-Coated C1S means that the board is coated on one side which provides a shiny, smooth surface while the other side is a matte finish. C2S simply means that both sides are Clay coated for a shiny, smooth surface on the front and back. Recycled paperboard is popular due to availability in the market and for packagers focused on sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

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