outsourcing kitting Many consumers appreciate the convenience of ordering products that go together in an assembled kit.  This is true for many types of products and for things that consumers buy regularly, they can order things as a subscription that is delivered at determined intervals. Products that are sold kitted, or assembled, or as a subscription service are often handled by a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) company. This includes a variety of products such as personal care items, food and beverages, technology items or clothing.

Retail businesses and manufacturers often find great value in outsourcing kitting and assembly to third-party logistics companies.  Some 3PL companies perform additional assembly processes as well as keeping track of inventory and shipping, although contract kitting companies can play a big role in helping 3PL companies meet their production and shipping demands.

What Is Kitting and Assembly? 

Kitting and assembly is big business for retailers and e-commerce companies to meet specific consumer demands. Kitting is the process of combining related goods together into a grouping that creates a new SKU, ready for shipment.  Various products are grouped for kitting such as subscription boxes, tool or hardware kits, first-aid kits, cosmetics, and more.

Contract assembly is the process of taking various products and assembling them together such as mechanical assembly operations, single or multiple step assemblies, assembly with complete packaging ready for shipping and customized, specific assembly procedures that create a final end product. Whether an e-commerce company or a 3PL provider, working with an experienced contract kitting and assembly company can provide many benefits.

Benefits of Outsourcing Kitting and Assembly 

Outsourcing kitting and assembly procedures to an experienced contract kitting company can provide many benefits that increase productivity and profitability. An experienced contract kitting company has the resources in place to perform these processes efficiently and timely. Contract assembly companies utilize sophisticated software programs to keep track of all incoming material for full traceability and accountability.

With plenty of capacity to set up customized assembly stations and a staff trained in performing high-quality kitting and assembly processes, contract assembly companies help e-commerce and 3PL businesses meet demanding shipping requirements.

How to Select the Right Company to Outsource Kitting and Assembly 

There are several things you should look for when selecting a company to outsource your kitting and assembly processes. Some of the most important considerations include:

      • Experience – the company should have experience in kitting and assembly with references, current or past comparable projects.
      • Resources – an experienced kitting company should already have the facility with capacity, the people, and the processes in place to meet your needs.
      • Inventory management – strict management of customer supplied materials with full traceability and inventory control is a must when outsourcing product kitting or assembly. Ask about the type of system used and whether or not they have ERP capability. Most companies today will use barcode traceability with the ability to scan products anywhere in the supply chain.
      • Quality control – what type of quality processes does the company follow and are they registered to standards like ISO9001:2015? Ask if they create specific work instructions for your process and how they can ensure those are followed?
      • Lead time – what is the company’s history with on-time delivery and how can they ensure meeting your production demands?
      • Packaging experience and flexibility – does the company have the resources to efficiently package all finished products and ship to your specifications?

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, provides all these capabilities and more, with over 80 years of experience in meeting contract kitting and assembly requirements. We are an ISO9001:2015 registered company, with a large, modern facility, automated equipment, inventory control with ERP full product traceability and a skilled staff.

PPS is a leading Midwest contract kitting and assembly company, providing production solutions to companies of all sizes including Fortune 100 companies. We provide experienced kitting and assembly solutions with a trained staff and automated equipment. Contact us to learn how to increase your productivity and add value with cost-efficient, contract kitting and assembly services to meet all your 3PL needs.


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