Kitting and Assembly of subscription boxesIt really does not matter what you are selling, great packaging is important for businesses and consumers. Manufacturers rely on sturdy packaging to protect their products during storage or shipping. Consumers expect packaging that protects the products until they receive them and so much more.

Packaging today must be sturdy and protective, with marketing that appeals to consumers in clean and attractive bags, boxes, or assembled kits. To be competitive in today’s eco-friendly environment, companies must also use packaging that reduces waste and contributes to their corporate and social responsibility. In addition to these considerations, companies selling assembled kits need efficient packaging solutions that aligns with their goals to:

      • Protect products
      • Meet marketing demands
      • Produce minimum waste
      • Cost effective assembly

Companies that address all of these considerations are more likely to experience brand success and consumer loyalty. Companies must ask themselves today how to deliver their products with appealing wrapping or gift packaging, with recyclable materials, and at the lowest possible cost. Answers to these questions provide a good foundation for the right kitting and assembly services to meet your business model for profitability and consumer satisfaction.

Consider Cost-Efficient Pre-Assembly for Kitting 

Companies selling various products that require kitting such as cosmetics, tools and hardware, arts and crafts, and any other combination of products grouped together require an efficient method of kitting and assembly. Take a makeup kit for example, while many products must be assembled into appealing gift packaging, several of those products may require individual wrappings such as eye makeup enclosed in protective cello bags prior to assembling in a kit.

Protective and appealing kitting may require pre-assembly of some products prior to final assembly. You need a custom contract wrapping and packaging specialist with experience in kitting and assembly, including pre-assembly. This saves companies money when they can rely on one wrapping and packaging company to pre-assemble certain products and then perform the final gift packaging assembly as well. 

Peoria Production Solutions Provides Packaging and Kitting Solutions

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing kitting and assembly packaging services for more than 80 years. We offer a modern facility, a highly trained and skilled staff dedicated to a high attention of detail for total customer satisfaction. PPS follows a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration, practiced with top-down involvement with all employees committed to continual improvement and a job well done.

We focus on training and employee development, lean processes with value stream mapping, and cross training that eliminates potential bottlenecks. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tracks all incoming customer supplied material with lot code traceability and full accountability.

PPS offers secondary and specialty wrapping, packaging, and assembly to meet kitting needs for companies of all sizes. We provide secondary production and packaging solutions to some of the largest Fortune 100 companies and manufacturers with high quality and on-time delivery. Contact us to learn more about improving your packaging with great kitting and assembly services.

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