Selecting the Right 3PL for Your Kitting Needs

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Many consumers appreciate the convenience of ordering products that go together in an assembled kit.  This is true for many types of products and for things that consumers buy regularly, they can order things as a subscription that is delivered at determined intervals. Products that are sold kitted, or assembled, or as a subscription service […]

What’s the Difference Between Assembly & Sub-Assembly?

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Assembly is the process of assembling more than one item, putting together a set of pieces to create a different item. Assembly can be done in several different ways; workers can manually connect two parts together to make an assembled component, and then of course there is the assembly line where several parts are continually […]

Kitting and Packaging Myth Image

Top 5 Myths Of Outsourcing Kitting and Packaging

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Outsourcing your kitting, assembly, or packaging processes may seem like a foreign idea with a lot of unknowns.  For small to medium sized companies particularly, those who have invested in staff, inventory, and training to sort, assemble and package their products, it may seem like a large task to start outsourcing this part of your […]

Kitting and Assembly of subscription boxes

Great Packaging Includes Great Kitting and Assembly

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It really does not matter what you are selling, great packaging is important for businesses and consumers. Manufacturers rely on sturdy packaging to protect their products during storage or shipping. Consumers expect packaging that protects the products until they receive them and so much more. Packaging today must be sturdy and protective, with marketing that […]

Outsourced Kitting & Assembly

Increasing Revenue Through Outsourced Kitting & Assembly

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  Kitting and assembly has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years with the increase of e-commerce, online ordering, and subscription boxes. Many small businesses are realizing that kitting products together, grouping similar products to meet consumer demand, increases customer satisfaction, thus increases sales. How to keep up with this ever-changing consumer demand […]

Flexible Bagging

Making the Switch from Fiber Drums to Flexible Bagging For Powder and Granules

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Manufacturers of powders and granules have historically used fiber drums for storing and shipping their products. While using large drums has been the norm and provides some benefits such as convenience for filling into a large mouth open container, many manufacturers are realizing the benefits of flexible packaging. The size of the typical drum used […]

_Flex Packaging for Vitamins & Supplements

Flex Packaging for Vitamins & Supplements

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The vitamin, supplement and nutraceutical market is expected to experience growth with a Compound Annual Growth Rate, CAGR, at 4.62% to reach $26.93 billion by 2026, according to a report published by Global Newswire. People around the world are more interested than ever in boosting their overall health and wellness with products that provide immune […]

Inclusive Labeling

Inclusive Labeling Adds Value for Both Consumers and Brand

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Many brands follow the rules when it comes to labeling, particularly regarding safety warnings and nutritional values of food, etc. When it comes to inclusivity, while many companies have taken great strides, there is still a lot of room for improvement. People with disabilities are the world’s largest minority, according to the United Nations, yet […]

Flex Packaging

A Shift From Traditional Materials To Flex Packaging

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Flexible packaging, or flex packaging, is exactly that, packaging that is literally flexible, capable of bending without breaking. There are many types of flexible packaging such as bags, pouches, and wrappers. The next time you see potato chip bags, juice pouches, even the wrappers around granola bars, these are all examples of flexible packaging. Flexible […]

Increase Your Warehouse Capacity

How to Increase Your Warehouse Capacity

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We all know that time is money, if you are wasting time you are not creating value. The same can be said for space. Manufacturers, logistics providers, and warehouse facilities know this all too well. It can be a fine line between optimizing your capacity versus over or under utilizing your space. Companies need ample […]