shrink wrap packagingControlling the costs of packaging is always an important consideration for manufacturers or any company packaging products. In addition to the cost of corrugated, the cost of shrink wrapping is one of the largest packaging expenses for many companies. Here are some tips on how you can evaluate your shrink wrap packaging to maximize savings.

Reduce Your Bag Length 

Measure your shrink bag from one end to the other.  If you can reduce your bag length, even by an inch, this will make a considerable difference with savings. For example, if you reduce an 11-inch bag down to 10-inches, you save about 9% immediately. Many companies that perform this exercise find that they are using more film than what is required for each package.

Reduce Shrink Film Width 

Shrink wrap film can be ordered in less than 1-inch increments.  You might find that you are using a 24-inch bag when you only need 23.5-inches. Just cutting down 1/2–inch can save considerably on shrink wrap expenses.

Maximize Overall Length 

By going long and maximizing overall length of your shrink-wrap film, you can keep production running longer and reduce the amount of changeovers. Increase your uptime and reduce shipping expenses with less deliveries.

Reduce Shrink Wrap Film Gauge 

Shrink wrap film today is available in a wide range of thickness sizes with more possibilities than traditional film. New technologies offer the same performance in a smaller gauge film.  Talk to your film supplier to see if downgauging is an option for you. You might find that you can move from a 60 gauge down to a 38 gauge and save a considerable amount of money with the same integrity.

Reevaluate Your Film Choice 

Evaluating the possibilities to reformulate your shrink wrap is something you should do regularly with your packaging supplier. New products come on the market all the time which may be a better fit for your product.

Audit Your Film Packaging Line 

Perform a meticulous audit of your packaging line. Applying the principles of efficiency audits like value stream mapping (VSM) can help you to pinpoint areas for improvement. By understanding the exact time and place in your process where any efficiencies or bottlenecks occur, you can take corrective action to fix your weak spots.

Following all of these tips can help you to reduce the cost of your shrink wrap packaging expenses and improve efficiencies in your packaging process. For more tips on improving your packaging, contact an experienced contract packager like Peoria Production Solutions. 

Midwest Packaging Provider Improves Your Bottom Line

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing solutions to manufacturers and companies of all sizes for more than 80 years with a full line of customized, secondary services. We offer contract packaging, wrapping, bag filling, bottle labeling, kitting and assembly, sewing and fabrication, and more. Our experienced team can offer suggestions for your packaging that improve your efficiency and bottom line.

PPS is a leading provider of secondary packaging services to some of the largest companies including Fortune 100 manufacturers. We follow a strict quality policy as part of our ISO 9001:2015 registration for high-quality services with quick turnaround time. Contact us with any questions on improving your packaging for greater efficiency and cost savings.

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