Flexible BaggingManufacturers of powders and granules have historically used fiber drums for storing and shipping their products. While using large drums has been the norm and provides some benefits such as convenience for filling into a large mouth open container, many manufacturers are realizing the benefits of flexible packaging. The size of the typical drum used in this industry is somewhat limiting and results in a high total cost of ownership.

Manufacturers looking for a more cost-effective packaging solution which reduces their carbon footprint while maintaining product integrity are realizing the many benefits of flexible packaging such as durable polymer bags.

 Many Benefits of Flexible Bagging over Drums with Powder Filling Process

Many industry trends point to manufacturers shifting to flexible packaging and a number of benefits are noted as the key reasons for making the switch. Key considerations when choosing flexible packaging versus rigid packaging options like drums include:

  • Product quality and integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Safety

Product Quality and Integrity

Fiber drums have a high oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) compared to other types of packaging. Adding foil linings or drum coatings requires an added cost and the drums still may not be the ideal packaging selection. Flexible packaging that provides an airtight seal can better protect against moisture, some types of bags include valves that allow for degassing without any moisture or oxygen inclusion.


Companies worldwide are continually working to reduce their carbon footprint and consumers are increasingly seeking out these socially responsible brands. Thinner, flexible packaging requires less energy to manufacture, store, and transport. Thinner, lighter weight materials also reduce the amount of material waste in landfills.


With thinner, lightweight packaging options over rigid drums, more product can be shipped in less space.  This optimizes fuel costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions for a smaller carbon footprint.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The total cost of ownership from flexible packaging compared to rigid packaging is quite a bit less when all expenses over the product lifecycle are considered. From more efficient manufacturing to shipping more product in less space, improving transportation fuel efficiency and waste in landfills, flexible packaging has the potential to greatly reduce total cost of ownership.


Managing flexible packaging is easier and less cumbersome than moving large fiber drums which pose a risk of injury to employees. Drums can fall and roll, creating a hazardous spill and injury on impact.

Many companies are moving from rigid packaging to flexible packaging options including the powder, granule and resin market. When choosing a partner for your flexible packaging requirements, consult with an experienced contract packager like Peoria Production Solutions, PPS.

Peoria Production Solutions: Experienced Flex Packager

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing contract packaging services for more than 80 years to companies of all sizes including Fortune 100 manufacturers. We offer secondary and flexible packaging solutions including auto bagging, bag filling, labeling, assembly, wrapping, powder filling and more.  PPS utilizing stainless steel, automated powder filling equipment with a high rate of accuracy. We provide auto bagging and powder filling services for many products such as bird seed, pet neutralizing granules, starch, etc…

Let PPS help you to improve your powder bagging process with tight quality control and cost-efficient contract packaging services. As a fully sustainable not-for-profit organization, we offer the flexibility to meet your needs with high quality product, service and delivery.

PPS is a leading contract packager in the Midwest, servicing companies of all sizes with a variety of packaging solutions.  We help companies meet their sustainability efforts with flexible packaging solutions that reduce costs and waste. Contact us to learn more about eco-friendly, sustainable flexible packaging options.

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