3PL- Contract Packaging
How does contract packaging support 3PL? Let’s first understand what this term we’ve been hearing more of really means. 3PL is a term that means Third Party Logistics and has become increasingly popular with the rise in online ordering and subscription services. 3PL providers offer inventory management, warehousing, and order fulfillment for companies, allowing businesses to focus on their core capabilities instead of picking, packing, and shipping.

3PL providers take a lot of responsibilities with managing the logistics of order fulfillment off the hands of businesses. 3PL providers utilize automated technologies such as sophisticated warehouse management software and equipment to precisely sort and track products throughout their entire process. Full accountability of customer supplied products is an absolute must.

As every job is unique with specific packaging requirements, a 3PL provider may also provide the packaging or outsource to a contract packaging company.

Contract Packaging Companies Support 3PL Providers

Contract packaging companies provide a wide range of packaging services from simply receiving customer product, packing, and labeling in corrugated boxes to assembling full kits of products in display ready packaging. When secondary packaging services are required, an experienced contract packager may provide valuable insight and services to 3PL providers and businesses seeking 3PL services.

An experienced contract packager is familiar with all types of packaging materials and dunnage. Dunnage is the term that refers to the many types of packing filler materials like bubble wrap, crinkle paper, Styrofoam fillers like blocks and planks and other packing materials that help to support products through shipping and handling. From safely packaging materials in corrugated with dunnage to carefully assembling multiple components in display ready kits, a contract packager can do it all.

Experienced Secondary Packaging for Companies and 3PL Providers

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, offers customized contract packaging services such as packing, repackaging, bag filling, auto bagging, bottle labeling, stretch wrapping and palletizing. We provide solutions for companies of all sizes with a highly skilled and trained staff, automated packaging equipment, the resources and capacity to meet custom packaging requirements. As an ISO9001:2015 registered contract packager, we provide quality services and finished products, on time with competitive pricing.

PPS is a not-for-profit company with more than 80 years of experience in building a dedicated staff with less than 3% employee turnover. Our focus is on jobs, not profits, as we provide employment to persons with alternate abilities and provide opportunities to realize their full potential. We provide quick turnaround time of high quality products from a staff committed to meticulous attention to detail.

PPS is experienced with all types of packaging material and various secondary packaging services, offering cost-efficient solutions for companies of all sizes, including Fortune 100 companies. We provide high quality secondary production services with quick turnaround time. Contact us to learn how our contract packaging services can help support your 3PL logistics needs.

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