Flex Packaging
Flexible packaging, or flex packaging, is exactly that, packaging that is literally flexible, capable of bending without breaking. There are many types of flexible packaging such as bags, pouches, and wrappers. The next time you see potato chip bags, juice pouches, even the wrappers around granola bars, these are all examples of flexible packaging.

Flexible packaging can be used as primary packaging, which actually touches the product and holds the product like the potato chip bag. It can also be secondary packaging, where several pouches can be packed into a larger flexible bag for shipping and handling. Flexible packaging can be made of a variety of materials such as plastic, foil, paper, or film and comes in various forms such as bags, pouches, liners, sleeves, wraps or rollstock.

Many companies are shifting from traditional rigid packaging forms such as cardboard boxes to flexible packaging due to the many benefits it provides.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging industry continues to increase in popularity due to the many advantages achieved when replacing rigid pack formats. According to the Flexible Packaging Association, flexible packaging continues to grow as one of the fastest growing packaging segments in the country. One of the biggest reasons is the sustainability of flex packaging.

Sustainability Throughout The Entire Product Lifecycle

More sustainable to manufacture – flexible packaging has a more positive impact on the environment than rigid pack forms, resulting in less usage of fossil fuels, less greenhouse gas emissions and water usage than other packaging forms.

Cost-efficient transportation – because flex packaging materials can be shipped on large rolls, or several plastic bags packed flat for transportation, many more types of flexible packaging can be shipped at once over traditional boxes. Due to the light weight of flex packaging, it is much more cost-efficient to transport than rigid packaging. This also means that more packaging types can be delivered in one truck, which cuts down on deliveries and CO2 emissions.

Higher ratio of product-to-package – the product to package ratio is a measure of material efficiency and helps determine the weight of the entire package versus the weight of the product. Flexible packaging provides a higher product to package ratio when compared to other packaging formats.

Provides protection to products – flex packaging protects products against scratches or dents, prevents contents from spilling and helps reduce spoilage.

Increases shelf life – flex packaging helps to reduce food waste by extending the shelf life of many types of food and perishable items.

Source reduction – source reduction is one of the top activities a company can do to reduce waste. Flex packaging allows for companies to receive larger quantities of packaging materials at once, which cuts down on the amount of deliveries needed and also reduces the amount of storage space required.

These are some of the most important benefits and the main reasons for the shift from traditional to flex packaging. Speak with an experienced contract packaging company to learn more about your options for switching from rigid to flex packaging.

Contract Packaging Company Offers Flex Packaging Solutions

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is a leading Midwest supplier of secondary packaging solutions with more than 80 years of experience. PPS offers wrapping and packaging services for companies of all sizes including Fortune 100 companies. We offer a highly skilled staff trained in wrapping, shrink wrapping and various types of packaging. We utilize automated packing equipment such as auto bagging, bag filling, and more.

PPS invests in our staff through continual training and development and enjoys a committed team with less than 3% overall employee turnover. In the midst of a widespread labor shortage, PPS is in the unique position to provide reliable packaging services to meet your production and delivery needs.

PPS offers a wide range of production solutions including packing, bag and pouch filing, wrapping, cello wrapping, shrink wrapping and more. We have the staff, the resources and capacity to customize packaging solutions to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more about improving your supply chain with a leading contract packaging company experienced in flex packaging solutions.

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