Packaging Trends For 2023

Packaging plays a critical role in the way consumers perceive your product and brand. It is vital that your packaging material stand out on the shelf and quickly provide the information consumers are looking for in an appealing and enticing way.

The packaging industry is continually evolving to meet changing consumer demands and utilize evolving technologies. Things like digital printing and new packaging materials allow smaller companies to compete with big brand names. Companies need to navigate the landscape of a challenging global supply chain while continually evolving their packaging design and materials to meet packaging design trends.

Here are some of the most common packaging design trends for 2023.

Expressive and Playful

It’s no wonder that consumers are leaning towards products that bring comfort and joy in an expressive and playful packaging design. Staying light and upbeat gives consumers just the escapism they are looking for from the stresses of the day.

Calm And Tranquil

Consumers find comfort in calm and tranquil packaging with earthy tones like greens, blues, and browns, and simple, white background. Complementary hues with simple content and minimum use of fonts bring on a sigh of relief and easy reading.

Sustainable and Recyclable

Sustainability continues to be a growing trend across many industries and should be on the mind of all packaging companies as consumer demand for recyclable goods only continues to increase. Designing packaging with a carbon footprint in mind and a goal to reduce the burden that packaging plays on the ecosystem should be at the forefront of packaging companies. Flexible packaging is one way companies are meeting consumer demand and connecting with their consumers to improve their brand awareness.

Recyclable and lightweight, flexible packaging is one trend that continues to increase in 2023, as more companies take responsibility for their role in contributing to climate change and convey these efforts to consumers through packaging materials. Many companies are switching from rigid or plastic packaging to fully recyclable polyethylene (PE) materials. Lightweight packaging saves companies money by shipping more with each truckload, is cost-effective, and reduces environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Inks

Not only are consumers looking for recyclable packaging, but a completely eco-friendly package that includes inks that are vegetable or soya base, compared to common inks which are petroleum-based and contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are in demand in 2023.

Refillable Packaging

Packaging that allows for refills supports a more sustainable packaging process as consumers can make a first purchase of products in a decorative glass container and use sustainable pouches to refill products. Less is more is becoming a theme with every industry.


Minimalism is a trend returning in 2023 as consumers push for simple packaging that portrays honesty and trust. Minimalistic packaging designs look neat and sophisticated with clean lines and few colors rather than busy gimmicks.

Companies seeking to keep up with the trends of 2023 in packaging design benefit from using a contract packaging company with experience in many types of packaging services.

Contract Wrapping and Packaging Solutions

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