Custom kit assembly is the process of combining two or more individual products into one assembled kit with one single SKU. Custom kitting and gift set packaging are ideal for companies to prepare similar items for retail sales. Kitting can improve packaging and shipping time and reduce overall expenses.

Common Gift Set and Custom Kit Assembly Products

Custom kitting can be used in a wide range of markets to fulfill many types of orders. Some of the most common types of products that are commonly grouped together for custom kitting or gift set packaging include cosmetic kits, skincare kits, toys, entertainment media, product samples, and many other types of items.

Oftentimes, purchasing kitted items is a better value than buying items individually. This is a good way for companies to boost their sales while still providing cost savings to consumers.

Cosmetic Kits

Cosmetics are commonly packaged with like items that appeal to consumers, such as eyeshadows, mascara, and eyeliner grouped together for a complete eye makeup kit. Shades of eye shadows and blush colors that go together or foundations and powders in the same color scheme are commonly kitted for consumer convenience. Cosmetic companies often introduce new products in a custom kit and may offer more promotional items in gift sets during the holidays.

Skincare Product Kits

Skincare products are also commonly kitted together with facial cleansers, moisturizers, and toners that work together to provide a full skincare regimen. Skincare items can be grouped together based on skin types, such as dry skin or oily skin. Kitting is a very popular sales approach for many companies in the skincare industry to help keep costs down and cater to consumer needs.


Custom kitting and gift set packaging has been a common practice in the toy industry for a wide variety of toys such as model cars and airplanes, Lego kits, Barbie dolls and clothing accessories, Nerf guns, coloring books with stickers or other activities, outdoor games, and more. Toys, games, and hobby kits grouped together provide cost savings for the manufacturer and convenience for consumers.

Entertainment and Media Kits

The entertainment industry is another popular market for kitting, or companies can offer discounts for purchasing a series of movies or books that go together. Media systems like sound bars and speakers, televisions and mounting brackets, or car stereos and speakers are other options for kitting that can improve company sales and provide savings to buyers.

New Product Samples

Kitting services are a popular way for companies to promote new products, and offering product sample kits gives customers a chance to try the product out before buying a full-size version. Companies in all types of industries promote new products with kitting for a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. A sampling of several types of products is often quite appealing to consumers, such as a variety of lotions or perfumes.

Gift Set Packaging

Gift set packaging is extremely popular around the holidays with everything from cosmetics, pajama sets, tool sets, cooking ware, holiday decorations and more packaged in a convenient gift set. Gift set packaging is not just for the holidays, however, with clothing and personal care items often available in gift sets for convenient bundling or gift-giving any time of the year.

With the many opportunities for kitting and gift set packaging, companies need a contract packager with experience in kitting and assembly to help them navigate the many options.

Kitting, Assembly, and Gift Set Packager

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing contract packaging services for more than 80 years and offers extensive experience in all types of kitting and assembly. PPS is an industry-leading Midwest kitting and assembly provider, offering secondary production solutions, including packaging, repackaging, and gift set packaging.

PPS offers secondary production solutions to a wide range of businesses and industries, helping some of the largest Fortune 100 companies meet their production goals. We offer the resources, staff, and capacity to dedicate kitting and assembly lines for your process, with a controlled flow of goods, ERP product traceability, and ISO9001:2015 quality policies. Contact us to learn more about improving your kitting, assembly, and gift set packaging process.

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