POP DisplaysPoint-of-purchase (POP) displays are used in various types of businesses and stores to feature particular products with specialized marketing display material. POP displays are used to focus consumer attention on specific brands or products. These types of displays are often seen near checkouts or featured prominently in the center of aisles or in areas of high consumer traffic. The goal of POP displays is to increase the likelihood of a purchase, whereas broad marketing campaigns attempt to increase interest in the store as a whole.

There are many types of POP displays in various ways to market merchandise to increase consumer attention and convert shoppers to buyers. It is helpful to realize the various types of POP displays available to choose the best display option for your products.

Many Types of POP Displays

There are a variety of POP display types to market brands and products. The most popular pop display types include:

    • Freestanding

– freestanding POP displays standalone to draw attention to specific products throughout the store. They are typically constructed with corrugated and allow businesses to showcase a creative presentation.

    • Countertop

– countertop displays feature smaller items and typically fall into the category of impulse purchases. These are often located at checkout counters and feature small items like snacks, candy bars, lighters, batteries, and any number of small items a consumer may need and forgot to purchase during their visit.

    • Endcap

– these displays are what you see at the end of aisles to capture the attention of shoppers as they roam the store going aisle to aisle.

    • Banner stands

– banner stands are larger in design than other types of POP displays and feature standalone signage to attract consumer attention. Banner stands typically feature signage for information and can be located anywhere in the store as they normally do not actually physically hold products but provide messaging to consumers. They are versatile and can be moved in different places throughout a store.

    • Dump bins

– dump bins provide a practical option to feature small, individually packaged items such as toys, health and beauty products, candy, and various other small goods.

    • Gravity fed displays

– these types of POP displays are ideal for products that either do not stack well or are packaged in bags. Examples include gravity fed displays to release products like lip balm, cosmetics, and many other items.

Temporary POP Displays

POP displays can be temporary, which is the most common type of POP retail display. They are typically constructed with cardboard and are available in various sizes, such as full aisle displays are countertop displays. Temporary displays can feature products like clearance items, books, DVDs, and various consumer goods. Some types of temporary POP displays can even be constructed with the product itself, such as the stacks of cases of soda, water, or beer we often see in grocery stores.

Semi-permanent POP Displays

Semipermanent point-of-purchase displays are made of somewhat sturdier material than temporary displays, such as heavier cardboard, wood, hard plastics, or metal. They can range in size from countertop to full-size displays at the ends of aisles. Semi-permanent displays can hold sturdier products such as shampoo, electronics, and many other types of high-end consumer goods.

Secondary And POP Display Packaging Solutions

Peoria production solutions, PPS, has been providing secondary packaging and POP display assembly solutions to a wide range of businesses for more than 80 years. We offer in-depth expertise in packaging techniques and packaging types to assist our customers with vast market knowledge. PPS offers a wide range of secondary packaging solutions that make your products display ready with appealing display packaging that promotes brand awareness.

PPS is a leader among contract packaging providers offering decades of experience, a skilled workforce, and automated packaging equipment. We follow strict quality policies as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification with a skilled workforce dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Contact us to learn more about the many options for your product packaging and the various types of POP displays.

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