Countertop POP DisplayCountertop point-of-purchase (POP) displays provide a strategic method to sell products to consumers mostly as a spontaneous, last-minute purchase. We are all familiar with the impulse buys we make while standing in the checkout line at grocery stores, clothing stores, or just about any retail store.

To create a successful countertop POP display that catches a shopper’s eye and attention away from the tabloid news, companies need to put some thought into their packaging and marketing approach.

Here are the top five tips for creating a successful, irresistible countertop POP display:

  • Choose the right items to display – this should go without saying, but choosing the right items is just as important as your packaging and marketing approach. The items need to represent a good value to the buyer, although you do not need to represent a clearance rack. Countertop impulse buys should be low-cost, $10 or less, yet something that shoppers actually want to buy. This is not the time to market products or brands that do not sell well on the shelves but rather offer popular and common products that people would like to buy anyway, and you are making it more convenient for them.
  • Focus on one countertop display at a time – multiple displays can become distracting and move shoppers away from your products of focus. Too many last-minute items to choose from and shoppers are more likely to ignore all of them.
  • Keep your display simple – creative, eye-catching colors and messaging is important, but shoppers do not waste much time reading too much at the checkout counter. Recommendations are to keep your text at seven words or less for a countertop display so consumers can look it over in an instant and decide to grab it, or not.
  • Choose distinct packaging that stands out – choosing colors and graphics that entice consumers with aesthetically pleasing and distinct messaging makes your products stand out and get noticed.
  • Update your displays – be sure to change out your displays with items that appeal to your largest audience and products that are relevant to the demographics. Change out your display every couple of weeks to keep it fresh and grab the attention of your customers. Failing to update your countertop POP displays will get boring pretty quick and you run the risk of losing sales. 

Whether you are promoting electronics, food, beverages, candy, cosmetics or convenience items, choosing the right type of packaging and contract packaging company will help make your countertop POP displays a success.

PPS Offers POP Display and Secondary Packaging Solutions 

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is a leading contract packager offering a wide range of high quality and cost efficient packaging solutions. We have been providing packaging, kitting, assembly, sewing, and other production solutions to companies of all sizes for more than 80 years. PPS supports some of the largest Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. and helps small businesses to improve efficient packaging and delivery of goods.

PPS is a leading contract packaging company offering secondary packaging solutions including flexible packaging, POP displays, blister packs, clamshell packaging and more. As a successful and fully sustainable not-for-profit business, we offer cost efficient solutions that set us apart from other contract packaging companies. Contact us to learn more about improving your secondary and POP display packaging.

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