Packaging SolutionsThere are many different levels and types of packaging, each with a specific purpose. For any company that packages their products, it is important to distinguish between the different types of packaging which include primary, secondary, and tertiary. Each of these levels of packaging are intended for different purposes.

Types of Primary Packaging

Primary packaging includes packaging materials that come into direct contact with the product that you are selling. Primary packaging protects or preserves your goods for optimal condition until removal. The first layer of packaging that contains your finished product such as the plastic bag that holds cereal inside the box would be the primary packaging. Another example of primary packaging would be a small glass bottle that contains oil or tincture. These small glass bottles would be packaged into a cardboard retail box, which could arguably be primary packaging but also serves the function of secondary packaging.

Primary packaging for fast-moving consumer goods would be a bag, pouch, foil bag, bottle, can, or jar.

Types of Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging pulls all primary packaging forms together into a single product such as group packaging. Secondary packaging would be a large box or container that holds several smaller boxes that make it easier for storage or shipping. Secondary packaging is designed to optimize efficiency and typically contains a specific number of units. Types of secondary packaging help to maintain the integrity of primary packaging and are highly useful for e-commerce. Secondary packaging typically includes multiple components such as separators, padding, and reinforcements.

Types of Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging is to secondary packaging, what secondary is to primary packaging. Tertiary allows for safe and efficient movement of secondary packaged products at scale.  Tertiary packaging ensures that minimal space is used during storage and protects products from environmental hazards. Tertiary packaging should allow for efficient movement like with forklifts or pallet jacks.

This type of packaging may also be referred to as transit or bulk packaging, typically used to group larger quantities of products for transportation from one point to another.

Secondary Packaging Provider Makes All the Difference

Working with an experienced secondary packaging provider makes a big difference in not only the safety and security of your products but for marketable, display ready packages. An experienced packaging provider like Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, can offer suggestions as to the best type of secondary packaging for your product and provide customized packaging services to meet your specific needs.

PPS offers a wide range of secondary packaging services including POP display, clamshell packaging, sample kits, club packs, kit assembly, cello wrapping, pouch and bag filling, gift set packaging, and repackaging.  PPS offers more than 80 years of experience in providing customized packaging solutions with a skilled and experienced team dedicated to your total satisfaction.

Peoria Production Solutions is a leading Midwest provider of secondary production and packaging solutions.  We follow a strict quality policy with top-down involvement, investing in our staff with ongoing training and personal development. Contact us to learn how to improve your supply chain with an experienced secondary packaging provider on your team.

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