_Flex Packaging for Vitamins & SupplementsThe vitamin, supplement and nutraceutical market is expected to experience growth with a Compound Annual Growth Rate, CAGR, at 4.62% to reach $26.93 billion by 2026, according to a report published by Global Newswire. People around the world are more interested than ever in boosting their overall health and wellness with products that provide immune support and preventive care.

Packaging solutions for vitamins and supplements must meet production and consumer demand with compliant labeling and convenient, flexible packaging which can improve the consumer experience and expand brand awareness in a growing market.

Flexible Packaging Supports the Vitamin and Supplement Industry 

Vitamins and supplements come in all different forms such as pills, capsules, soft gels, tablets, powders, and liquid. Various types of packaging include primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging with custom options such as blister packs, strips, bottles, rigid papers, and stand up pouches with childproof sealing options. Flexible packaging has been a favorite type of packaging for both manufacturers and consumers for many products including vitamins and supplements.

Dietary supplements are defined as products that are intended to complement one’s diet and may contain ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, herbs, and other botanicals.  FDA requirements for labeling of dietary supplements mandate that the name of the product should be readily identifiable, the quantity, list of ingredients, name and address of the manufacturer or distributor must all be clearly labeled.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging provides environmental benefits over rigid plastic, with thinner, lighter weight packaging. This is appealing to both companies with a social responsibility and also to consumers that care about the planet. Flexible packaging requires less energy to manufacture and transport and reduces product waste in landfills for a smaller carbon footprint than rigid plastic counterparts.

Flexible packaging is more cost efficient for manufacturers with easier shipping and storage.  Flexible packaging materials today are made of advanced polymers that provide protective qualities to prevent moisture, mold, oxidation, or dehydration. Supplement products in a powder form naturally attract moisture. Packaging in multiple layers of water resistant material provides added protection.

Flexible packaging is easier for consumers to handle when shopping and takes up less space when storing. Flexible packaging such as stand up pouches allow for easy opening, easy access such as scooping product out of a bag, and easy reliable sealing to improve nutritional value and shelf life.

By choosing flexible packaging and working with an experienced contract packaging company, manufacturers can improve internal cost efficiencies while improving brand awareness and meeting consumer demand.

Peoria Production Solutions Offers Custom Flex Packaging 

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is an experienced contract packaging company providing packaging solutions to companies of all sizes for more than 80 years. We offer a wide range of secondary and repackaging services including club pack, clamshell, bag filling, labeling, auto bagging, and more. We help many companies in the food and beverage industry such as makers of tea, fitness drinks, protein shakes, and more.

PPS utilizes a modern facility, a highly trained staff, and automated equipment such as a heat tunnel, heat sealer, vertical continuous band sealer, hot stamp imprinter, auto bagging equipment and more. We have the capacity to set up dedicated stations to follow meticulous assembly, wrapping and packaging instructions to your exact specifications. Our Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, system keeps track of all incoming customer supplied material with lot code traceability for full accountability.

PPS is an ISO9001:2015 registered company providing secondary packaging solutions with quick turnaround and competitive pricing. We provide high-quality services with a dedicated staff committed to meticulous detail for total customer satisfaction. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about our flexible packaging solutions for the vitamin, supplement, and nutraceutical market.


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