Secondary Packaging for Cosmetic Products

The cosmetics industry is one where secondary packaging plays a primary role in brand identification and differentiation, in addition to product protection. The packaging used for cosmetics provides an excellent opportunity for marketing and increasing brand awareness. To understand the importance of secondary packaging in the cosmetics industry, it is important to understand the difference between primary and secondary packaging and the roles they play.

Primary and Secondary Packaging in Cosmetics

Primary packaging is what actually holds the product and comes in many forms, such as the plastic tube that holds mascara, glass jars that hold nail polish, or spray bottles for perfume. Primary packaging typically displays important product information such as ingredients, expiration dates, usage instructions, and more.

Secondary packaging is the outer packaging that keeps products safe and protected during storage, handling, and shipping. Secondary packaging also plays a critical role in the cosmetics industry as the primary container that holds the tube of mascara or lipstick and contains important information such as brand colors, logos, products, and company information. In many cases, secondary packaging for cosmetics does more than protecting products, it drives sales with eye-catching designs and messages.

Tips for Designing Secondary Cosmetic Packaging

We have all seen the boxes of toothpaste that claim to whiten teeth or makeup and nail polish with a sample swatch of color on the outside of the packaging. These tactics used in secondary cosmetic packaging are meant to attract consumers with vibrant colors and important messaging. Some of the most important tips when designing secondary packaging for the cosmetics industry include:

  • Organic, Earth-Friendly Color Palettes
    Organic colors that resemble nature are common in the cosmetics, health, and beauty industry as they resemble youth, life, and vigor. Earth-friendly colors such as greens and blues can also add a comforting and warm feel to your cosmetic packaging.
  • Eye Catching Patterns
    You’ll see eye-catching patterns all over cosmetic packages. Vibrant colors with strong fonts and well-placed design elements give cosmetic packaging the differentiation they need from other products. Abstract patterns make cosmetics stand out all those should still be designed with colors and fonts that are pleasing to the eye.
  • Using The Right Typography
    It is important to choose the right fonts for your brand, one that goes well with your design elements and resonates with your target customers. The right typography is especially important in minimalist designs where the brand name is the main focus.
  • Foil Stamping Adds a Premium Effect
    Foil stamping in silver, copper, or gold adds a premium accent to cosmetic packaging, enhancing visual impact with an upscale, luxurious look.
  • Include Images
    Incorporating images is another way to make secondary cosmetic packaging more interesting. Images can cover an empty background or be combined with illustrations and other design elements.
  • Inside the Box Printing And/or Patterns
    Don’t forget about what your consumer sees when they open the box. Well-placed patterns and prints inside the box can further enhance a consumer’s pleasant feeling when unwrapping cosmetic products.

These are some tips to improve secondary cosmetic packaging, which is often the first thing to catch the consumer’s eye, even though it is also the first to be tossed after opening. Using tried-and-true techniques for cosmetics secondary packaging helps companies get the most bang for their buck for this important yet disposable type of packaging.

Working with an experienced contract packaging company can help companies to understand their options for types of secondary packaging available, costs, and labor expenses.

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