Custom Repackaging

Companies are getting creative with their packaging processes, looking for ways to improve efficiencies and save money. Some companies have switched from corrugated boxes to reusable totes, for example, when shipping products to suppliers who may perform assembly or secondary production work and then use the same totes to return products. As no two factories or warehouses are alike, companies are realizing that they can shape their packaging and shipping processes to meet their own specific needs based on their industry, their purpose in the marketplace, and their geographic location.

According to a recent Smithers analysis, the packaging industry broke the $1 trillion mark in 2021 and is slated for a study compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% through 2026, reaching an estimated $1.22 trillion. Packaging is big business and it is a big part of a product’s expenses throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Customizing the type of packaging and the way companies perform the packaging of their products can drastically improve operational efficiencies, productivity, and profitability. Many companies are realizing that outsourcing their packaging to an expert contract packager is actually much more affordable than performing this process in-house.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Contract Packaging Company

Many manufacturers continue to perform their processes the same way they always have, from production to packaging, to inventory and/or shipping. This makes sense for some applications, but for others that invest in continual improvement and look for innovative ways to improve their processes, outsourcing packaging to a secondary packaging company has proven to deliver many benefits.

When companies outsource packaging to an experienced packaging provider, they can free up a lot of floor space in their own facility and eliminate packaging labor expenses. Additionally, an experienced contract packaging provider will ensure a quality packed product with experience in using a variety of materials. Oftentimes, contract packaging companies are aware of innovative materials such as flexible packaging bags, or pouches that can save companies a lot of money over rigid packaging materials.

Contract packagers that also perform assembly provide added value, as manufacturers that need to assemble components can simply ship everything to one supplier who will assemble and repackage components, returned and ready for stocking or delivery.

PPS Provides Customized Assembly and Packaging Solutions

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing contract assembly and packaging solutions for more than 80 years. PPS is a leading contract packaging company and provider of secondary production solutions such as assembly and kitting with experience in a wide range of packaging materials. We follow strict quality policies as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification and utilize Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, software to track all incoming and outgoing materials.

PPS has the capacity and experience to customize your packaging needs for the most efficient and cost-effective process. We are experienced in a wide range of packaging services including:

  • Secondary
  • Repackaging Services
  • Club Pack
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Gift Set Packaging
  • Palletizing
  • Clamshell
  • Auto Bagging
  • Flex Pack
  • Bag Filling
  • Labeling

As a fully sustainable not-for-profit company, we are in the unique position to provide high-quality packaging solutions at the most affordable costs in the market. PPS is committed to total customer satisfaction and improving your secondary production and packaging processes, acting as an extension of your team.

PPS offers high-quality, customized secondary production and packaging solutions to meet your specific requirements. We invest in our staff with ongoing training who are skilled in using many of our automated solutions to meet your delivery schedules on time. Contact us to learn more about improving your packaging process with customized solutions to meet your unique specifications.

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