Stick Pack Filling

Stick pack packages, or pouches, are small and narrow and perfect for single-serve products. Stick pack pouches are convenient for products required on the go, such as drink powder pouches, nutraceuticals, liquids, concentrates, and many other products where a quick one-time use is ideal for consumers.

Stick Pack Pouches and Common Uses

Stick pack pouches have become a lot more popular over recent years and are used for many things other than drink powder mixes. Anywhere a one-time, single-serve use of a product would provide convenience to consumers is a good place to evaluate the benefits of stick-pack packaging. Common uses for stick pack pouches include:

1. Drink powder mixes
2. Nutraceutical packaging
3. Spices and flavorings
4. Lotions and shampoos
5. Hand sanitizer
6. Marketing, sample giveaways, brand promotion

Stick pack pouches are a type of flexible packaging, and many companies are making the switch wherever possible to reduce their carbon footprint as cylindrical-shaped pouches can require anywhere from 10 to 40% less packaging material than square or rectangular pouches.

Stick packs are an actual type of film structure, a series of laminates that provide a specific shape with sealing characteristics and product barrier to allow for easy removal of products with little residue left on the inside of the bag. Special equipment is required as stick packs arrive ready to run on an automated machine with printing already on the roll.

Benefits of Stick Pack Pouches

There are many benefits for companies to package various products in stick pack pouches ranging from internal efficiencies to consumer convenience.

Reduce carbon footprint – Packaging products in these slim stick packs can cut costs with less waste in materials and fewer costs required for packaging and shipping. Less packaging material also equals less waste to dispose of, ending up in landfills.

Product protection – stick packs are durable and protect products inside against moisture, dirt, or contamination.

Compact – the small packaging size fits easily in a pocket or purse and makes it easy to open and pour out contents.

Convenience – consumers enjoy the convenience of grabbing a pouch that contains a single serving as they’re walking out the door. It’s easier to hold a stick pack in your hand than cumbersome rectangle pouches.

No spillage – contents inside of a stick pack pour out a lot easier than a rectangle pouch which could spill around a water bottle opening, for example, or not pour out evenly. Stick packs are easy to open with no spillage or residue left inside the pouch.

Improved marketing – stick packs give products a higher perceived value over rectangle pouches with a sleek, classy look.

Messaging options – stick patches still provide ample room for brand awareness marketing with eye-catching, colorful, and unique designs as well as content information.

Companies that take care to evaluate their packaging options, including choice of materials and types of packaging, will reap major benefits with improved product quality as well as brand awareness and increased sales.

Packaging Solutions with Auto Bag Filling

Consulting with an experienced contract packaging company will help businesses to understand their options and how to improve their packaging process. Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing production solutions for companies of all sizes for more than 80 years. We offer high-quality and efficient wrapping and packaging services, including secondary packaging, flexible packaging, and auto bagging and bag filling.

PPS has experience with a wide range of manufacturers and companies in various industries providing bag-filling services for many types of materials, including dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, single-use powders, plant and bird seeds, and more.

PPS offers vast expertise in a wide range of flexible packaging services as well as other production solutions such as kitting, assembly, and secondary packaging, including variety pack and gift set packaging, and more. We follow strict quality policies and utilize state-of-the-art, modern equipment, including our ERP system, for complete lot code traceability. Contact us to learn more about our flexible packaging solutions, including auto bag filling.

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