Contract Packaging Guide

Contract packaging companies provide valuable services to a wide range of industries, packaging many types of products such as various consumer goods, hardware, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, beverages, construction materials and so much more. Peoria Production Solutions has provided quality contract packaging services for more than 80 years. In addition to customized, quality packaging services we provide on-time delivery with wrapping, palletizing, and shipping to your specifications.

We offer a wide range of contract packaging, packing, repackaging, and secondary packaging solutions, as detailed in this Contract Packaging Guide.

Contract Secondary Packaging Solutions

Outsourcing your secondary packaging processes to a contract packaging company can provide many benefits over performing packaging in-house. PPS offers a wide range of quality secondary packaging processes with a skilled workforce and strict quality control. As a not-for-profit, fully sustainable company we provide the most cost-efficient secondary packaging services available.

Our secondary packaging services can provide added layers of protection, increase your branding, and make your products ready for display. We have the capacity and resources to customize packaging processes to meet your needs with full quality control and product traceability. Types of secondary packaging processes we are experienced with include the following:

Kitting and assembly – kitting and assembly provide many benefits to a wide range of industries and applications with kitted products organized and available for use on a manufacturing line or for direct retail sale.
Clamshell packaging – clamshell packaging can be performed with a variety of materials such as cardboard, phone, or see-through plastic for visibility.
Club packs – club packs display products for retail sale and often require visible information such as lot or date codes.
Variety packaging – we offer quality variety pack packaging customized to showcase your featured items in one newly assembled package.
Gift set packaging – gift set packaging provides customized packaging solutions with a variety of materials, colors, and designs, and labeling to showcase specific products.
Bag filling – filling bags and pouches is a good option for flexible packaging solutions. PPS offers quality bag filling with automated backfilling equipment, feed systems, and scales for high accuracy.
Point-of-purchase displays – point-of-purchase, POP, displays are packed with a wide range of materials with aesthetically appealing designs geared toward a positive consumer experience and increasing brand awareness.
Cello wrapping – PPS offers cello wrapping services, tightly wrapping products and biodegradable cellophane and heat sealing for a protective and neat closure.
Repackaging – repackaging products quickly to customer specifications is often required to meet production deadlines.
Fulfillment – PPS provides shipping and fulfillment solutions with our Midwest central location near Chicago O’Hare International Airport and the toll road, and our state-of-the-art facility with 15 shipping and receiving docks.
Palletizing – PPS is experiencing palletizing your products in the most efficient method, stacked and wrapped for safety and quality product delivery.

Peoria Production Solutions provides these contract packaging and secondary packaging solutions and others, customized to meet your specific requirements. We differ from other packaging companies in our commitment to customer success and our skilled workforce. As a fully sustainable, not-for-profit contract packager, we offer high-quality packaging services at the most cost-efficient solution for our customers.

PPS has been an industry-leading contract packaging company for more than 80 years, embracing growth through research, development, and innovation since our founding in 1941. We offer a wide range of secondary and contract packaging services, customized to meet the needs of companies of all sizes including Fortune 100 OEMs, and small and midsize businesses. Contact us to learn how to improve your packaging process with quality and cost-efficient contract packaging services.

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