Automotive Parts KittingKitting is the process of combining related items together, taking multiple SKUs, and creating one SKU in one kit. Kitting products is common practice in many retail market segments but kitting also provides many benefits in a manufacturing environment. Kitting tools together for easier usage in the manufacturing process supports lean production processes with everything operators need at the assembly or production stage.

Determine Which Automotive Tools to Kit Together

Kitting tools for automotive applications is similar to how a mechanic keeps his toolbox. Everything that is needed for a certain process is organized and readily available. Automotive manufacturers need to determine the exact tools on hand, where they are located, and where they are needed. Do these tools need to travel to other departments? Should they stay at one particular workstation? Which tools should be used together, and what are the storage capacities?

Specific work instructions should document kitting and production procedures at each stage of the manufacturing process.

Kitting for Quick and Accurate Assembly

The most important reason for kitting in automotive is to support just-in-time manufacturing with kits of materials delivered to the right location at the right time for maximum efficiency. This is also called offline kitting. When manufacturers determine the exact components required for kitting, outsourcing to a contract kitting and assembly provider can even further optimize the process for lean production.

Outsource Kitting to Optimize Automotive Manufacturing

Kitting is an inventory management technique that supports faster production and assembly lines with lean storage and streamlined processes. Once automotive manufacturers determine the exact tools and components that should be kitted, outsourcing kitting to a contract kitting and assembly provider provides many benefits.

Manufacturers that receive fully stocked kits of all of the parts needed can direct them to the proper location quickly, without allocating floor space and labor to perform the kitting in-house. This saves on labor expenses and allows manufacturers to focus on their niche product production. Partnering with an experienced contract kitting and assembly provider provides even more benefits with in-depth expertise in kitting and packaging techniques.

PPS Offers Kitting and Assembly for Automotive Tools and Components

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is an experienced contract kitting and assembly provider, offering solutions to companies of all sizes, including automotive manufacturers. We offer more than 80 years of experience in performing contract kitting, assembly, packaging, and other secondary production services, allowing us to enhance our customers’ productivity and profitability with quality products delivered on time.

PPS has the capacity in our large, modern facility to set up dedicated workstations to ensure quality and timely kitting and assembly. We follow strict quality policies aligned with our ISO9001:2015 certification and enjoy a dedicated workforce committed to performing high quality, meticulous work to exceed customer expectations. With decades of experience and continual investment into the latest technology to support automated processes, we are experienced in kitting with various types of packaging such as in tool boxes, foam holders, secondary and flexible packaging, wrapping, and palletizing.

PPS offers kitting solutions for companies of all sizes and applications, such as for order fulfillment, warehousing, manufacturing, and various market segments, such as automotive, medical applications, consumer goods, and more.

PPS is recognized as a leading production solutions provider with vast experience in secondary production services, including kitting, assembly, sewing, packaging, repackaging, palletizing, and more. We ensure high quality work with a skilled staff and tight quality control with automation tools such as our ERP system. Contact us to learn more about improving your automotive process with kitting and assembly from an experienced contract kitting provider.

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