Kitting is a great way for manufacturers to save time and money as well as to optimize inventory management. Kitting is a value-added service that can benefit your company.

The process involves taking different individual components and combining them together to create a kit with a new SKU. By combining products, you can quickly and easily locate items when an order is placed which allows for companies to ship rather quickly.

If you believe your company can relate to any of the following reasons for kitting, you should consider kitting!

Kitting is Outside of Your Scope

It’s okay if you have no experience in kitting! At PPS, one of our main value-added services is kitting. Therefore, we are able to take on your project and guide you through the process. Our highly trained employees are experienced in kitting and knowledgeable about many niche markets. As a solutions provider, we take the stress off your backs. We succeed when you succeed.

We have many customers that hand us their product and ask for solutions. We are always happy to provide suggestions to make your product better in the end. Our alternative solutions help our customers to save money in the long run.

Looking to Save Money

There is no doubt that fulfilling orders is an expensive task. That’s why we want to help you save time and money with what we do best, provide cost-effective solutions for kitting and packing. By outsourcing your kitting, you save money during your production process by:

  • Eliminating search time for components – with all materials handy, workers save time and can operate most efficiently
  • Reducing packaging costs – consolidating items prior to packaging saves considerable packaging costs in baggies, dividers, corrugated boxes and labeling
  • Reducing labor costs – employees save time searching for items, in packaging and shipping when working with one box instead of several
  • Freeing up warehouse space – inventory is streamlined with each individual item having full traceability with a kitting provider who is ISO registered and uses ERP system lot code tracking.

Outsourcing kitting to an experienced, quality kitting provider saves considerable time and money for OEMs of all sizes with less materials required and less labor for more efficient production.

Wanting to Increase Efficiency

Every company knows time is money and strives to have the most efficient processes. Kitting services allow items to be processed in bulk rather than individually, saving manufacturers both time and money. Kitting also helps to track inventory as orders come in. If workers do not instantly know where a product is, that causes downtime and the overall productivity suffers. Pre-sorted kits save time and labor because those components are available and easily accessible whenever needed.

At Peoria Production Shop, we follow lean manufacturing practices. This means that we work to eliminate waste, optimize your processes, cut costs, and boost your efficiency. PPS strives to improve your bottom line and helps you remain competitive against other companies in your industry.

There are many reasons why you should consider incorporating kitting into your manufacturing processes. Whether or not you have knowledge about kitting, PPS is willing to provide the best solution for you. Request a quote for your kitting needs today.


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