Contract assembly is a fast growing industry. The costs are continuing to rise as companies are investing in machinery to keep up with competitors. Companies are learning that subcontracting the work is beneficial in reducing costs yet maintaining high quality production.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and companies of all sizes encounter projects that are best suited for contract assembly. Outsourcing assembly comes with many benefits. Contract assembly is more practical, less expensive and has a much faster dock-to-stock time. Contract manufacturers bring a high level of technical expertise that can help original manufacturers add value to their products with an optimized production process.

At Peoria Production Shop, we have highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to assemble products with quick turnaround time with strict quality policies. Our staff has the capabilities to assemble various types of products such as:

  • Single and Multi-Step Assemblies
  • Mechanical and Electrical Assembly
  • Final Assembly or Subassembly for further manufacturing
  • Complete packaging and shipping after assembly processing

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we utilize Value Stream Mapping (VSM)  to eliminate bottlenecks in the assembly process. We offer full material traceability and on time delivery to our customers. As a self-supporting not-for-profit organization, we have the ability to provide competitive quotes that allow us to perform the same work as competitors for lower costs.

Our FDA Clean Room

Peoria Production Shop recently invested in an FDA certified clean room. This new in-house facility has allowed us to take advantage of the growing market and take on new projects that we otherwise were unable to do.

For example, PPS has partnered with Celsius Fitness Drinks to package their drinks into six-pack units. This partnership has allowed us to create more jobs for our growing company.

The FDA clean room has sparked interest in new customers as we have taken on new business with nutraceuticals, cosmetics and other consumer products. We hope to capitalize on this investment by working with more OEMs that require a clean room. PPS is continuously trying to find solutions for our customers. This clean room has proven to be beneficial for our company and our customers.

Our highly trained professionals are eager to add value to our customers products through efficient and low cost production. The FDA clean room has added value to our company and provided us with a new area of clients in need of a solution to their problems. Visit our website to learn more about the projects we can handle for you with our many contract assembly capabilities.

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