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Heat sealing poly bags is a cost-effective packaging method many types of products while providing high quality with airtight and water-tight seals. Heat sealing does not require additional material to open or close a bag; it just requires the right type of heat sealing equipment and the right type of poly bags. Auto bagging companies use professional heat sealing equipment, which are versatile and popular for packaging many types of goods.

Types of Poly Bags Used for Heat Sealing

Various types of packaging materials can be used with heat sealing equipment, such as polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These types of packaging materials are used in pouches and bags and are easily sealed with a heat sealing machine to fuse the ends of the plastic bag together.

Two of the most common types of polybag materials are made from polyethylene and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). PE is a lightweight material that can be heated up, fused together, and will cool again quickly after the removal of the heating element. Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is particularly an ideal choice for polybag material to be heat-sealed.

LDPE is a common material for many poly bags used for heat sealing as the heat sealing equipment is hot enough to fuse the two sides together and will fuse quickly when heat and pressure are removed. PE is an ideal material for heat-sealing bags as it will contract to make an even tighter seal when cooling.

Mylar bags are also a common type of poly bag material to be used for heat sealing, made from polyethylene terephthalate, PET. This type of material provides transparency, high tensile strength, dimensional stability, and electrical insulation. Mylar bags are commonly used to package electrical components, medical products, and food items due to the airtightness achieved by heat sealing. Mylar bags are considered ideal for packaging sensitive items and one of the most effective for providing resistance to moisture. Mylar bags provide an ultra-low water vapor transmission rate to ensure that this type of bag protects products from various types of hazards that are often encountered during shipping and storage.

Benefits of Heat Sealing Poly Bags

Heat sealing polybags provides many benefits for manufacturing and packaging applications, including:

  • Airtight and water-tight seal to keep out moisture and debris
  • Clean finished edges for attractive bagging options
  • Provides an effective seal on bags of all sizes
  • Durable seal protects goods during shipping, handling, and sale

PPS Offers Heat Sealing And Auto Bagging Services

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is a contract packaging company with more than 80 years of experience offering a wide range of packaging and bagging services. We utilize auto bagging technology and heat sealing equipment, including a heat tunnel, heat sealer, hot stamp imprinter, and vertical continuous band sealer with stand. Our staff is highly trained and experienced with heat sealing various polybag material types.

PPS is a leading contract packaging and bagging company utilizing modern heat sealing equipment, more than a dozen types of auto bagging equipment, and over 50 types of auto bagging machines.

PPS provides production solutions for companies of all sizes with a wide range of secondary packaging and bagging services. We offer the capacity, resources, and skilled staff to meet your production needs with quality products delivered on time. Contact us to learn more about our many secondary packaging solutions, including auto-bagging and heat-sealing polybags.

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