Types of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is increasing in use to replace rigid packaging materials such as corrugated boxes and plastic containers across many market segments for a wide variety of products. Flexible packaging is becoming more common for products being shipped to consumers, items stored in inventory, or packed in off-the-shelf packaging for direct retail sales. This is due to the many advantages that flexible packaging provides to companies and consumers.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging

According to the Flexible Packaging Association, the many advantages are driving product manufacturers to increase usage of flexible packaging, whether looking to increase brand awareness, protect products, or save money. Flexible packaging is lighter weight than other rigid material types, creating a smaller carbon footprint for flex pack manufacturers as well as end-user consumers.

Large rows of bags that can lay flat on a tractor-trailer can ship more product per truckload than boxes with wasted space, saving and transportation costs and fuel. Flex packaging provides benefits to all stakeholders and is also better for the environment. Flex packaging types and various film options provide the product protection necessary with durable yet sustainable options.

Types of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is just as it sounds, flexible rather than rigid. This includes a variety of plastic bag types such as pouches that can stand up, or lay flat, or be designed to hang on a display.

Pouches: Stand-Up, Lay Flat, Hanging – Pouches can be custom designed by the company to display pertinent nutritional information about food items, instructions, or brand marketing messages. The type of packaging material can be designed in various finish options such as a matte or gloss finish, metalized or soft-touch. Flexible bags and pouches can include clouded or transparent windows, allowing consumers to see what’s inside.

Flexible Pouch Features: Stand-up pouches are typically designed to stand out on the shelf, with various features such as tear notches or zip closures, and hanging pouches include holes ready for hanging. Child-resistant features are also available. Pouches designed to lay flat come in a variety of sizes to meet various product needs.

Flexible Packaging Films: There are a variety of flexible packaging films to choose from, such as polyolefin, high-density, and low-density polyethylene, and various other polymers are chosen to meet product requirements. Flexible packaging films can provide moisture resistance, blocking moisture, oxygen, and even odor from exiting or entering the bag. Durable, flexible films can protect a variety of products with tear and puncture-resistant materials to prevent damage in transit and in storage. Flexible bags can be printed on and customized to meet labeling requirements or to improve company brand awareness.

Custom Flexible Packaging Services

Working with an experienced, flexible re-packaging provider delivers even greater benefits to companies in addition to the flex packaging advantages. Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, is an experienced flex packaging provider delivering value-added production solutions for over 80 years. We offer our customers expertise with many secondary packaging solutions, including flex packaging and auto bagging.

PPS offers a large, state-of-the-art facility combined with a highly skilled and trained staff and the capacity to make custom packaging requirements. We utilize automated equipment, including:

  • Auto bag filling
  • Heat sealing
  • Heat tunnels
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Vertical continuous band sealer
  • Hot stamp imprinter

Peoria Production Solutions is a leading contract packaging company providing value-added services to businesses of all sizes, including some of the largest Fortune 100 companies in the country. We follow strict quality policies and lean production practices.

PPS is a leading Midwest contract packager providing a variety of secondary packaging solutions such as flexible packaging, kitting, assembly, wrapping, variety and gift set packaging, and other packaging solutions. Contact us with any questions and learn how to improve your product packaging requirements with an experienced, flexible packaging provider.

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