Single Part Packaging & Kitting

Packaging and kitting products is a process performed to promote convenience and efficient operations.

Manufacturers and Retailers Benefit from Kitting

Manufacturers often kit products together such as raw materials needed for an assembly process so all items are conveniently located and foster lean manufacturing practices. This ensures that employees have all materials necessary at the right point in time of a manufacturing process. Material kitting for manufacturing can vary and depends solely on the process such as tools, raw materials or other items needed during production.

Companies selling direct to consumers will perform kitting of items that typically go together that provide an appealing and convenient choice for their customers. Kitting items together involves the process of bundling several different products together to create just one SKU for direct sale. Product kitting is very common and includes things like subscription boxes, toolkits, arts and crafts, meal preparation products and many others.

Single Parts Packaging 

Single parts packaging is similar to kitting although involves just one particular item. Manufacturers may perform single parts packaging to ensure that a particular item is ready when needed during a production process. Retailers often package single items for direct sale that do not need to be part of a kit.

Both single parts packaging and kitting provide many advantages to companies and many businesses are realizing the benefits of outsourcing this process.

Is Outsourcing Single Part Packaging and Kitting Beneficial? 

Contract packaging and kitting companies can provide many benefits to businesses that require single part packaging and kitting. In determining if outsourcing packaging and kitting is beneficial to your business, it is important that you know the fine details about your process. If your company is having a hard time keeping up with orders, spending too much time picking products, packaging, labeling, and shipping, it may be a good idea to evaluate the benefits of outsourcing packaging.

Whether you are a manufacturer struggling to make sure your kits are ready for your assembly line, or a retailer struggling to keep up with packaging orders for timely shipping, outsourcing this packaging process can provide many benefits. Allowing an experienced contract packaging company to perform this process for you can significantly improve your internal efficiencies, and free up a great deal of capacity allowing businesses to focus on their niche market and what they do best.

Outsourcing packaging and kitting can help companies to:

  • Meet production demands
  • Ship sales order deliveries on time
  • Reduce internal labor expenses
  • Free up internal capacity
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve productivity and profitability

These are some of the many benefits that can be realized when outsourcing packaging and kitting to the right provider.

PPS Adds Value to Your Supply Chain with Packaging and Kitting 

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, has been providing packaging and kitting solutions for companies for more than 80 years.  We understand the importance of efficient operations and having all necessary materials readily available. PPS offers a large, state-of-the-art facility with the capacity to set up a dedicated kitting process to meet your specific requirements.

As a fully self-sustainable, not-for-profit organization, our focus is on creating jobs for our employees and providing employment to people with all disabilities, helping them to achieve social and financial independence in a safe, encouraging, and respectful environment. We invest in our employees with training and cross training to eliminate bottlenecks in our process and practice lean manufacturing with exercises such as value stream mapping (VSM).

We enjoy a dedicated staff that enjoys coming to work and is committed to a job well done with meticulous attention to detail. PPS follows a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification encouraged with top-down involvement of all personnel. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tracks all incoming customer supplied material with lot code traceability and full accountability throughout our entire packaging and kitting process.


PPS is a recognized leader among contract packaging companies offering kitting and assembly, packaging, flex packaging, and a variety of secondary packaging solutions. We utilize modern, automated equipment to ensure efficient, quality processes. Contact us to learn how to improve your supply chain with contract packaging and kitting from the leading Midwest contract packaging company.


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