Secondary Packaging Trends


Secondary packaging describes the packaging used for transporting products and for displaying branding loyalty of prepackaged products. Secondary packaging differs from primary packaging as it does not come into direct contact with the products, although both packaging types do sometimes converge. Typical examples of secondary packaging include cardboard boxes, cartons, and plastic crates, among others.

The Role of Secondary Packaging

The role of secondary packaging is mainly to protect packaged products and to keep primary packaging intact. Corrugated, boards, and paper are the largest product segments used for secondary packaging with trends expected to continue to grow. Newer materials being used for secondary packaging include pulp-based material, ethylene-based resins, and thin seal nonpetroleum and polypropylene-based products.

Opportunities and Drivers for the Secondary Packaging Market

Secondary packaging plays a vital role in transporting a variety of goods and products, and when shipping many types of products must ensure adequate protection, such as when transporting medical-grade products. Many manufacturers and product brands are putting more focus recently on secondary packaging materials produced with sustainable methods that provide biodegradability and weight reduction.

Another consideration is self-display capabilities, such as unwrapping a skid of products in a wholesale consumer store where the primary packaged products are ready for sale. Many shelf-ready displays require that the lower part of the case remains on the shelf with proper graphics and branding and the ability to survive the logistics of the supply chain.

Oftentimes the retailer mandates the type of secondary packaging they will accept.
Product protection is always a role of secondary packaging, as well as convenience with SKU proliferation, traceability and product security.

The most important trends driving the secondary packaging market include:

  • Product protection
  • Weight reduction
  • Display ready cartons
  • Variety packs / multi-packs
  • Sustainable, biodegradable, or recyclable materials
  • Traceability and product security

Many brands are altering other aspects of their secondary packaging process to meet logistics requirements and branding mandates of retailers along with better suiting the needs of customers. The largest format changes are geared mainly towards material reduction and improving operational efficiency. Many companies are changing their secondary packaging strategies with these goals in mind with strategies such as:

    • Replacing corrugated packaging with shrink wrap film
    • Switching to display-ready, wraparound cases
    • Replacing cases with rigid trays
    • Evaluating sealing options with glue or tape
    • Switching to flexible packaging in sealable bags

Working with an experienced secondary packaging provider can help you to understand your options and how to improve the quality and efficiency of your packaging process.

PPS Offers Experienced Secondary Packaging Solutions

Peoria Production Solutions, PPS, provides contract packaging, repackaging, and secondary packaging solutions for companies of all sizes. We offer more than 80 years of experience operating as a fully sustainable not-for-profit company focused on high-quality secondary production solutions customized to the needs of our customers. PPS follows a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification and is dedicated to ongoing employee training and continual improvement in every process.

We offer a large, modern, state-of-the-art facility with the capacity to set up customized packaging workstations to meet the needs of our customers. We provide high-quality production solutions for some of the largest Fortune 100 companies in the country and small to mid-sized OEMs, adding value with quality products and services delivered on time.

We are experienced in all types of secondary packaging and continually invest in automated equipment such as auto bagging and weighing. PPS provides experienced palletizing services and more than 17 shipping and receiving bays for optimized flow of goods. Our Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, system allows for complete lot-code product traceability and full accountability of all customer-supplied material.

PPS is an industry-leading Midwest production solutions provider, offering contract packaging, wrapping, kitting, assembly, sewing, and other processes customized to improve your production efficiency. We differ from other packaging providers with our focus on jobs and our employees over profits, allowing the flexibility to meet your production and budgetary goals. Contact us to learn more about future trends in secondary packaging and how to improve your packaging process.

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